Black Coffee Claps Back At Private Jet Criticism

He wants to enjoy his riches in peace

By  | Jul 14, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Black Coffee  | Top of The

The controversial Twitter account Tracy Zille showed Mzansi flames with the amount of criticism the account laid out towards black people.

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The account, which has many believing it is a black man disguised as a white woman recently took shots at Black Coffee for flaunting his expensive lifestyle.

Black Coffee posed in a luxurious private jet suggesting that he is going on a mini-trip with the caption "short left."

Not letting him enjoy his hard earned money in peace, Tracy Zille compared the DJ with a billionaire who drives a cheap car saying it has become a norm for black people to boast about their wealth.

Internationally acclaimed DJ did not want to give the troll account any more attention than it desires by giving him/her a subtle response.

"Only a black person can pose in a private plane that they don't own and feel good.This is a white billionaire Mark Zuckerberg,he is apparently driving a $3000 Honda Fit," criticized Tracy.

Coffee did not say much however shut the troll with one word.

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