Who Bought The Car, Mihlali Or Leeroy?

Public opinion believes it was Mihlali Ndamase.

By  | Mar 30, 2023, 10:02 AM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Relationships

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Mihlali “Hot Topic” Ndamase proved again why she is one of the most beloved media personalities in the country. A couple of weeks ago, the influencer and digital entrepreneur was in the headlines when the drama between her boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe and his ex-wife Mary-Jane implicated her again.

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As reported then: 

The publication got a hold of alleged court papers by the said wife of the businessman who accused her husband of giving Mihlali the pricey vehicle which she uses to transport herself to work as well as their kids to school. 

“As stated elsewhere in this affidavit, the Range Rover Autobiography that was given to me as a gift was snatched away from me by (name withheld) and given to his girlfriend to use. He actually vindictively took my car away from me and gave it to Ndamase to use, and I do not have a vehicle to use,” the said wife was quoted stating. 

The court reportedly ordered the husband to give back the vehicle, “The respondent is to return the Range Rover Autobiography (2020 Model) to the applicant within two days from date of this order.” 

At the time, Mihlali had kept mum on the matter. Moreover, instead of using the Range Rover, it seems that Leeroy hired a driver for the star and was driven in one or the other of his luxury cars. But Mihlali has had the last laugh. 

Who bought the car, Mihlali or Leeroy? 

After mizing the drags she was getting on social media after the reports of Mary-Jane winning the battle of who-will-drive-the-Range-Rover. Mihlali proved that she had the upper hand when she took to her social media to show off her new baby. A Mercedes Benz GLE 400d worth over R2 million
Of course, as soon as Mihlali made the announcement, it seems that the digital content creator wanted to make it clear that she had bought the car with her own money as she took to her Instagram stories to share that the car pick-up was a family-only affair.
However, that did not stop the conversation on Twitter as speculation was rife as to whether or not the luxury car was purchased by MIhlali with her own money, or by Leeroy Sidambe as an apology for the Range Rover. 
While this will never be cleared as Mihlali has already asserted her own stance on the matter, it seems that one thing that social media can agree on is that the car purchase and subsequent posting must be giving Mary-Jane chest pains. More especially as it seemed that she had won when she reclaimed the Range Rover. 
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