DJ Black Coffee's kids: His pride and joy

DJ Black Coffee has many roles, but his proudest role of all is being a father.

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Esona Maphumulo

If you ask DJ Black Coffee about his passion, which is music, you can see the sparkle in his eye, but ask him about his kids and his sparkle turns to a great smile as he gushes over his boys.

Here's what we've come to learn about the sons of the most loved and famous DJ in the country.

Esona Maphumulo

Esona is DJ Black Coffee's eldest son, he's 18-years-old and about to turn 19 in August. Esona is said to love music just as much as his father does. Black Coffee became a father to this young man when he was 23-years-old and although at that time he didn't have much, Esona became his motivation to work harder and chase his dreams no matter the circumstances.

We must say, daddy and son make such a cool duo when in their suit and tie steez.


Lilitha Maphumulo


Is Black Coffe's second son, and just like his brother Anesu, Lilitha enjoys being behind the wheel and spending some quality time with dad.

Anesu Maphumulo

Anesu who turned 7-years-old in February is known to love racing, has been racing for almost 2-years now and dreams of becoming an F1 driver when he grows up. At such a young age, you can see that Anesu is taking his dream very seriously. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Anesu 4
Asante Maphumulo

Last but definitely not least is the baby of the family, Asante who is turning 3-years-old in a few days time, he was born in New York in 2015.


Shout out to Black Coffee and his beautiful boys.

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