Master KG vs Black Coffee

A debate has sparked on Twitter on who is the real king of the turn tables

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A fired debated has sparked on Twitter where Master KG and DJ Black Coffee are pinned together for who is the greatest king of the turn tables. The controversial Chris Excel has people riled up on an intense exchange between these two legendary DJ's.

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The war has been waged on Twitter against two of Mzansi's most influential DJ's and music producers, DJ Black Coffee and Master KG. Both the DJ's have done exceptionally well in their careers but when Chris Excel put it to tweeps that Master KG is actually better than Black Coffee, it all went down hill.

Taking to Twitter, Chris Excel eluded that Master Kg was much better of a DJ than DJ Black Coffee.

"As you grow up you’ll start realising that Master KG is better than Black Coffee…" wrote Chris Excel
Chris Excel has open a can of worms as DJ Black Coffees fans unleashed their wrath against him. Fans feel as though the insinuation that Master KG is in the same league as Black Coffee is borderline disrespectful as well as distasteful. Taking under Chris Excel's comment sections, tweeps did not mince their words as they called out Excel.

"Chris you high on all drugs akhona emhlabeni, and anyone ovumelana nawe udakwe amanzi okugeza izitsha, you should be arrested for what you've just said" wrote Phillip
"Very distasteful, who said they’re competing, they are best in their own right and world recognise and celebrate them as such" wrote Rendani Muthige
"It’s not a competition, Twitter and Facebook are both social media apps that are doing well but not rivals learn that not everything should be compared" wrote Princess Khumalo
In the same token, what has strike other tweeps is the fact that Master KG is both a music producer and DJ, where Black Coffee is only making his own music as well as DJ'ying. In essence, some tweeps are echoing what Chris Excel eluded that indeed Master KG was a better DJ than Black Coffee.

"Can Black Coffee produce? Because master KG is a master of Sound indeed..... Dope producer... He is a genus!" wrote Mongameli
"He is far better than the overrated gate keeping Black Coffee" wrote Monsier Gregg
Excel's last jab in his Black Coffee and Master KG contestant, he went on to insert that Master KG is better that Black Coffee because he has two hands.

"Master KG has two hands" wrote Chris Excel
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