5 Things about You Spectacular

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Top of The

The You Spectacular Awards continue to dominate all of the headlines latest entertainment news in South Africa. And why not; the ceremony was incredible, classy, and of course Spectacular.

The Broadway/Chicago themed evening was perfectly complemented by the variety of hosts, from Pearl Thusi, to Proverb to the likes of Bonang and Jeanie D.

With everybody recapping the events of the night; Zalebs has decided to take a different approach to the You Spectacular Awards recap, and give you the Five key points that we thought were worth mentioning from the You Spectacular Awards.

5. A Podium Is Actually quite Necessary at Awards Ceremonies:
There was no podium at this year’s You Spectacular Awards, and this lead to a bit of confusion as winners weren’t entirely sure of where to stand when receiving their awards. It wasn’t a big deal, but should be considered next time.

4. SA Stands behind its heroes.
Through times of good, times of bad; times of joy and celebration, and times of sadness; nothing has united South Africa as much as the support of legendary Icons. Joost Van Der Westhuizen was presented with the award for Fighting Spirit, a noble winner that everyone agreed with. He was given a heartfelt standing ovation upon receiving his award. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the night and it was wonderful to see everybody stand together.

3. There shouldn’t be a 'Best Presenter' award if Bonang is nominated.
They should just give it to her. Everyone predicted she would take it; nobody was surprised when she did. There should just be a Bonang Award where Bonang is nominated and competes against herself, and ultimately, Bonang wins.  

2. If you’re not able to make it to the Awards; people will understand.
Toya De-Lazy was not able to make the You Spectacular Awards. This is not a crime, or an issue at all. However, instead, she apologized via video and the ceremony ended with one of her music videos playing in the background as opposed to an actual live performance. She should have left it at the apology.

1. Zalebs Predictions were ALL WRONG.

Well, almost. We predicted Bonang and SImba to win their respective awards. Every other award-prediction that the Zalebs team made was completely wrong. Oh Dear.