Bonang Goes On Holiday

But sis is still relevant as ever.

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Bonang Matheba is one of the most beloved media personalities in Africa for anyone that did not know that light fact. So when the Queen B* disappears of the face of Twitter for more than just a few days , her followers tend to worry and created a social media search party for her.

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Eventually, Bonang heeded the call from her fans and revealed that “Dora the South African born Explorer” has done it again. Like the globetrotter that our fave is, she managed to sneak herself off to secret holiday destination for a little rest and relaxation.  We could venture into asking who is looking to holiday when 2020 was all home time and Corona. But the truth of the matter is that despite the lockdown getting some people down, it has still been a year of wins for Bonang.
This year alone, Bonang has managed to mark her return to her first broadcasting home, SABC 1, with a two-part documentary series that broke records. She then launched the House of BNG rosé nectar in a can, that has activated the summer. She then revealed that she is not only making a return to radio- well kind of- but is also set to launch her own podcast in 2021. This, she has done whilst hosting fire lives and trending just for breathing. 

So when asked if she would reveal who her travel buddy since Pinky Girl is back in South Africa waiting for her return too, Bonang made it clear that that remains her secret. But that does not mean that Bonang still could not be influential, as the star was one of the few celebrities to acknowledge the 24th birthday of South African influencer, Mihlali Ndamase. Bonang sent the star a bouquet of pink flowers because everything has to be pink darling!
The two seem to have really hit off during the recent House of BNG influencer edition launch of the rosé nectar cans. The two hit off so much that Mihlali was willing to forget that they dated brothers and was ready to become Miss Mihlali Matheba or Ndamase-Matheba. But with the recent post she called Bonang, “mami.” So maybe the marriage proposal is a thing of the past.
Bonang’s fans missed her so much that they have championed for a live session with the queen. Your favourite Mo’Ghel has consented to hosting one today, but did not commit on a time or if she will really make the deadline. But when she does, one thing about Bonang is that she will trend.   

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