No beef between Bonang and Minnie

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Top of The

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Bonang Matheba has spoken out about rumours of an alleged beef with Minnie Dlamini. Word on the streets is that the fomer Live presenters can't stand each other because of all the drama that took place while they were still on the SABC1 show.

According to Drum magazine, insiders even claimed that Bonang went out of her way to make sure that Minnie's wardrobe didn't upstage her own. Bonang also apparently went as far as instructing the wadrobe people on what Minnie could and couldn't wear.  

So, what does Bonang have to say about this? It's all lies!

She told the mag: "That's not true, no such thing ever happened. I have no idea where the perceived beef rumours started. Minnie and I are cool. We're friends. I don't pay attention to that kind of fabricated stuff."

We're not sure how these rumours started, but from Minnie's interview with V-Entertainment in 2013, it's quite obvious that she had a tough time on the show.

Minnie, who joined Live after winning a nationwide presenter search, said: "I remember walking on set and no one would speak to me. I remember my first episode of Live, actually, I walked in and Phila [former presenter] was the only person who spoke to me. There I was, no one was speaking to me. Everyone was kinda like 'whatever'." 

Although she admitted that she learned a lot on Live, she said it was really hard. "You know, you deal with a lot of things where you have ideas of what you think people are like and what you think people are. That's another thing about the industry, you watch someone on TV and you're like 'they're so great' and then you meet someone and it's not the case..."

Minnie also mentioned that she would get into wardrobe at Live and be told "you can't look good, you have to look cheaper than the next person".

Minnie's interview kinda puts clarity on those rumours now, doesn't it?

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