Somizi In NYC Looking For Bonang

He is on a bestiecation

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Somizi Mhlongo is currently in the United States and is in search for his sister Bonang Matheba. The socialite is currently globetrotting and has landed in New York City where he is currently enjoying his much needed vacation or should we rather call it bestiecation with his best friend Ndo Maleho.

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Somizi Mhlongo kicked off his bestiecation with entrepreneur Ndo Maleho 4 days ago and they started off in Dubai for the Dubai Expo 2021. Ndo gushed over their friendship with Somizi and said either one of them is lucky to be friends with the other.

"I don’t know who is luckier. Me for having a friend like him or him for having me as a friend."

Then a day ago, they landed in Manattan, New York City and the festivities continued. Together they booked at the Plaza Hotel where they served!

Then Somizi took to the streets of New York and sang the Empire State Of Mind song by Alicia Keys and Jay Z. He revealed that he and Ndo had visited places such as a theatre to enjoy Lion King.

Then they bump into a blue muppet character in Sesame Street, called Grover where he asks him if he has by any chance seen his sister Bonang Matheba. But the character says he does not know her.

Another hilarious moment is when he comes across police cars and pokes fun at them and says he is scared of them because police there target black people.

In other news, Bonang Matheba had commented on the pending lawsuit between her and Rea. He commented on a post where a tweep poked fun at her when Gigi Lamayne said if a person cannot afford the money they are being sued they will serve jail time.

This is because of their pending lawsuit with Inno Morolong which saw Gigi getting name called. Gigi said, "If you don’t have the money, you serve time. Simple. Nothing hectic. Just up to 4 years."

Then a tweep said that is probably what Bonang told her lawyers when she sued Rea Gopane but B shut the tweep down and said they probably do not know anything about the law.
Bonang sued Rea Gopane when he made defamatory statements about her saying she introduced AKA to drugs which ultimately lead to his fiancé's death. This wild allegation saw him getting sued R500K but that did not frighten him one bit.

In one of his recent episodes, he poked fun at Bonang once more and told her to come back from New York because she is not doing anything there instead she is left with a failed attempt at starting a podcast.

Mocking the entrepreneur, Rea Gopane poked fun at Bonang's business acumen and said she is not as smart as she makes people think she is.

"She has all that energy for me...can you imagine," Rea said referencing the the legal battle he got embroiled in after he made his defamatory statement.

He went in hard and mocked her for the House Of BNG scandal she is currently in.

"She has all that energy for me but her but her paperwork and business is not even right, but you wanna flex to your fans," he said. "Bonang is not as smart as she pretends to be. All she is good at is the fan base she has, that attacks people," he alleged.

"Do the real work of securing the bag," he said.

"You running away from the big boys, she fooled everybody, she was going to vineyard and taking pictures saying "girls with vineyards", Bonang does not own a f*** vineyard," he mocked.

Rea even said he is happy that Bonang is in this situation. "That's the perfect situation for me."

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