Bongani Fassie and his kids

Bongani Fassie the musician but most importantly the father

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Bongani Fassie has had his fair share of bad publicity when it comes to the media and other fellow artists.

But since he toned down his bad boy persona, Bongani Fassie has not only focused on his music only but has also worked on himself to be the best father he can be.

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Bongani is a father of two kids and by the looks of things, he is enjoying every moment of being a dad. Between you and us, Bongani seems like the biggest kid, literally and figuratively when it comes to his kids.

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In an interview with Drum magazine in 2013, Bongani mentioned that being a father made him even more responsible and that he no longer does things just for the sake of doing them but keeps his offspring (At the time, he only had one child whom he named after his mother, the late Brenda Fassie.)

"Things change when you become a father and I'm no longer doing things only for myself - I have to do things right for the sake of my baby girl. I want her to have the best of everything."

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Bongani is quietly making more music and enjoys being a family man with his girlfriend daughter (Brenda) and son (Bongani Jnr)


Glad to see Bongani Fassie take charge of his life, music and becoming a great father to his kids.

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Out here looking like twins.


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