Bontle Gives Kelly Rowland Dance Lessons

The singer says it was the best lesson of her life

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Kelly Rowland just finished her stay in the country but she got to do some amazing things and meet some amazing people. Kelly whose business in the country involves a business deal with alcohol brand Brutal Fruit, got dance lessons from Bontle Modiselle.

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"This brilliant, honest, authentic, brown South African beauty just gave me the most amazing dance lesson of my life. When you are in South Africa you have to come and get your movement from this space right here," said Kelly.

Bontle then introduced herself and told people to follow her dance studio on Instagram and then at the end of the video hugged Kelly.

Bontle then gushed over Kelly Rowland and described her as a beautiful woman who made her happy and excited to be in her presence.

"Thank you for being as beautiful as I imagined you to be, more so in person. This moment was everything dreams are made of and I can’t tell you what it meant to me and the people present in the space. It’s still unbelievable to me considering the love and respect I’ve had for you since I was a little girl. A true honour.

Bontle then added that she "will cherish this moment forever…."

According to her post, they were dancing to Amapiano and we can tell by the music that was playing.

Bontle has a dance studio where she accommodates girls who are amazingly talented. They got to tear the Big Brother stage apart with their epic dance moves a few weeks ago.

Bontle describes that she is extremely selective of what she does on stage, "I hadn’t been dancing on stage in years. I’m extremely selective with what I choose to do, and I’m very happy I chose to take this one up."

While Bontle is enjoying all the fame and glory as well as the love, her husband Priddy Ugly is getting roasted on Twitter.

It all started when a troll said Priddy is the only rapper in the world with no hits, not even one.

Priddy said he is unbothered by the hate and wants to keep it moving, "Y’all re-cycling the same tweets that have been tweeted by plenty tweeps before you & putting my name in it, all in the name of attention…Attention is all you going to get, ‘cause it didn’t hurt me the 1st ten times it was posted, & I’m still unbothered now."

He then quoted Bonang Matheba's tweet about haters.
Priddy will not block out the hate and said his haters should see him happy and flourishing. "Why should I log off if m not being affected? I must log on with another account?? All that effort for something I’m unbothered by.. none sense.

"So I must ignore the over flow of love, for a few haters? Never. Silence in this case is fear. I’m happy & blessed. They must know."

Bontle once defended him from haters who mocked him as a rapper. She said there might be something sinister about these people's intentions. 

"And of course I’ll go hard for him, but don’t let basic thinking have you assume it’s because of any obligation. He’s f**king dope. His pen is undeniable. Man...Stop playing! A lot of you go out of your way to act weird/strange when it comes to Priddy and I’m yet to understand why."

"I guarantee you the ones with the most to say about Priddy Ugly have heard the least. He’s wack? On the basis of what? A lot of you ride that wave cause it’s cooler or safer to do. Herd mentality gripped you by the balls. So how can we take anything you say seriously?

"Rather say you don’t like Priddy Ugly or you don’t like his music (more than one song please because, come on - unless you the type to base an artist’s entire range on ONE song - that’s hectic). But to say he can’t rap is a damn LIE!"

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