BREAKING NEWS: Amo Is Now Out Of Jail On Scandal

He has unfinished business with Hlengiwe

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Following his arrests in 2022, the Infamous Amo is back on Scandal! screens and he has unfinished business with Hlengiwe – 14 March 2023.

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Amo was played by Kagiso Rathebe and he constantly left avid watchers of the show mesmerized with his talent. According to Scandal, the actor is back with a bang and he is set to make his appearance on Wednesday 15 March.
"If you are an avid Scandal! viewer, you will remember the Amo obsession storyline and how he terrorised both Hlengiwe and Dintle by capturing them, and keeping them tied up at Hlengiwe’s penthouse. If you are new to Scandal!, what is about to come will surely keep you glued to your screens after watching just one episode," said Scandal in a statement.
The statement continued "Amo is released from prison… for reasons yet to be revealed. His first action seems to be stalking Hlengiwe once again, however he does insist that he just wants to apologise and means no harm to Hlengiwe at all. But, knowing who Hlengiwe is… she is livid by the fact that Amo is out of jail long before his scheduled time and plans to investigate any foul play in this matter."

eTV recently announced the departure of Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni. After several months of playing the ambitiously manipulative Mbali Kubeka also known as Lady M who left viewers in anguish over her mysterious behavior, the actress left the show this month.

“Being on Scandal! has been one of the greatest joys of my career. I truly appreciate the immense support the producers, cast, and crew have shown me. I walk away with fond memories as I prepare to take on the next phase of my journey. Thank you to all the viewers for watching and consistently supporting my work. Onwards and upwards,” said Shange Ngubeni

The show also announced that actress Shoki Mmola has joined Scandal, as Reverend Prudence Molepo. According to the channel reverend, Prudence Molepo is a woman of the cloth who has wholly given her life to the faith. She holds herself in high regard and expects others to do the same for themselves. But, she stands on moral high ground to mask her own flaws. The Reverend is a strict mother and can often be too hard on her children. In her eyes, they cannot be failures because they were birthed by a woman who is moulded in the image of God.
The Reverend comes in as Vuvu’s mother, and she holds Nhlamulo and Vuvu’s kids close to her heart. But she does not agree with Vuvu’s sexuality and writes her off completely. She feels Vuvu and Nhlamulo are not fit to raise the children and wants to raise them for herself.

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