The realest quotes from Brenda Fassie

Ma Brrr gone but never forgotten.

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Best quotes from brenda fassie

The 3rd of November 2016 marks Brenda Fassie's 52 Birthday and as we commemorate her memory on this special day we also remember some of her best quotes from interviews to stories told by her closest friends.

A no-holds-bar actress and undoubtedly one of the biggest pop-stars to ever come out of South Africa, Brenda Fassie was not only known for her music but also her great and sometimes daring character.

There was never a dull moment whenever Brenda was in the building especially when it came to her interviews and the stories shared by her close friends.

Here are our favourite quotes from the late, great, Brenda Fassie:

Interviewer: "So Brenda, I hear that you are the Madonna of the townships."

Brenda Fassie: No, No, No, sweety, Madonna is the Brenda of America...."

Brenda Fassie quotes

Interviewer:  "Share some of the dreams you'd still want to achieve."

Brenda Fassie: "I don't believe in dreams, I don't daydream. I don't dream of things, I think of things and I plan."

Interviewer: These young musicians, do you see them as a threat, especially the female artists?

Brenda Fassie: "Me? A threat? Please! They don't threaten me, forget it! You see, they look up to me, that I know. But they must not forget, not to be arrogant but, they found me here and they'll leave me here because I know how to sing and I know how to make people happy and I'm very much of people's property."

An extract from her documentary:

Brenda Fassie: "I'm not going to start justifying my character. The way I am is the way I am, so take me as I am. If I want to do anything, anywhere with anybody, that's what I want to do and that's nobodies business."

A lot of celebrities who had the pleasure of either being Brenda's friend or had the opportunity to meet her will tell you a number of hilarious stories about the late star, but the most interesting story we've ever read about Brenda Fassie is from one of her closest friends and former Metro FM radio personality, Lupi Ngcayisa.

Brenda Fassie fave quotes

Lupi shared his long story on Instagram about how much of a fun, loving mom and sometimes mischevious person Brenda Fassie was.

Read the story below:

The most fun loving,childlike and mischievous friend I've ever had.We were plotting how she was going steal the show at this event and cause havoc nje just because someone needed to be sorted out.That was the modus operandi.Anarchy had to be unleashed nje nje randomly and most times every detail of the deed was planned.She knew how to agitate and she always predicted the outcomes.When driving back we would be giggling like naughty high school teens.she will say "see benditheni kuwe,did I not say esasbhanxa u so and so is going to say this when I say that.Those bloody non-entities".That time there will be 4beers in the car iingudu ze Hansa and a Six Pack of Brutal Fruit.I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol (bully of note).Before dropping her off we would stop at the garage for her to get cigarettes and 4 X Magnum Ice creams.One for me and three for her accompanied with a naughty childlike smile and a "Hayi sundigxelesha ndim iStar apha and yimali yam le so asisoze sitye ngokulinganayo hayi chomam ayihambi njalo if you have a problem sapha naleyo" She would get home and charge for the shower (she could shower three times in one day)Straight after the shower she would attack her now semi-hard ice cream,gulp the Hansa and the Brutal Fruit at the same time.I will give her the WTF look and the response would "Hayi Tseek ungazonya uzondijaja kwam,ndakugxotha unye ngoku".I would retaliate by offering to leave.She would beg for me to wait until she passes out and only then I could leave.Solitude was an enemy of hers.To keep you entertained she would regale you with all kinds of amusing stories .In the midst of this orders will be barked to the cleaning staff.Asking for nothing in particular except for confirming their presence and that she wasn't alone in the house. Bongani would be called in to receive numerous assurances that he is loved.She was obsessed with him and would always bring him takeaways.What ever she ate during the day or evening Bongani had to have.Cigarette on the right hand competing with the Ngudu ye Hansa(ngudus opened with the egg lifter-don't ask me why)and Brutal Fruit on the left hand.This would go on until she passes out. #RIPBrendaNokuzolaFassie

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R.I.P Brenda Fassie South Africa's most influential and biggest pop star.

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