Part 2: Zalebs chats to Brenda Ngxoli

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Yesterday we brought you part one of our exclusive interview with one of SA's finest actresses, Brenda Ngxoli.






Today we are back with some more juicy insight from the talented actress. We talk a little more about the show, Our Perfect Weddin As well as discussing more about weddings and photographers.

Our Perfect Wedding is coming in the next two weeks (18 September) how many episodes have you recorded and have you experienced any dramatic or funny moments during the recordings?

We’ve already covered two weddings, right now we’re on our third wedding recording so we’ll be two weeks ahead of the episodes playing on TV.  I don’t know if it’s a funny moment but it’s a teary moment for me, is that we spend so much time complaining about our black men, we complain about our fathers who abandoned us.  There’s just so much negativity around the black man and just so much pressure on them and this show has showed me that you know what? There are black men out there who love whole heartedly and who are not shy to show their love for their black women and for me that’s one of the most important things I’ve taken from this show it’s a realization that black love is so beautiful and the way families come together and put so much effort into the whole ceremony.  But to not let everything out the bag I feel that the first episode is going to be really funny, the hint is that the funny moment has something to do with the cow so viewers must stay tuned for that.


It seems like everyone thinks their wedding photographers lately, what’s your comment on guests taking wedding photos with their cell phone and pasting them on Facebook without the bride and groom’s consent?

I have a big problem with cell phone camera’s I mean yes they do come in handy but I think people have forgotten how to capture beautiful moments with the eye and how to store them in their hearts and you know there’s something that happens when people are sincere and they’re present in that moment.  So I can understand when people don’t want their weddings to be photographed by unprofessional but then again people have adopted a culture of instant media but in whatever people do they just have to remember where they are and what they’re doing because you actually find some people taking photos of funerals and then you ask yourself what are you going to do with a funeral photo?  So like I just said people must just remember where they are and do things the correct way.

Make sure you make a date with Mzansi Wethu and Brenda on Wednesday 18 September for season 2 of Our Perfect Wedding, it's one not to be missed! 

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