Bridget Masinga: The ever so stylish radio host

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Since Bridget Masinga joined the Jacaranda FM family she’s been showing us that she’s actually quite the stylish lady. Look, we’re not saying she wasn’t stylish before, but it seems like the radio personality has taken her stylish approach up a notch and we’re sure noticing.

It’s a pity that some of her radio listeners hardly get the opportunity to ever see her rocking those killer outfits. But fret not, let us give you a little tease.

This school-girl outfit she sported recently had many of us wagging our tongues. Gosh, Bridget, is this how you looked in high school? Wish we were your classmates!


Good morning teacher. Collegiate... 😎😜 (tap image for item dets)

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Leopard print might be outdated, but Bridget still knows how to make it look hot and relevant too. Just look at that small waist and the subtle touch of leopard print on the frame of her glasses. (Digs leopard print outfit from the wardrobe)


Baby it's cold outside 😘

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Winter hasn't officially ended, but Bridget is clearly not bothered and we don't mind seeing her in her swimwear either.



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 When your dress compliments the rug in your living room, just know your style is on point.


@Klukcgdt China doll #RichBitch 😉

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Simplicity made to look so effortlessly sexy.  


Fashion Killah

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