Bring back Ubizo - The calling

There will never be a series like Ubizo - The Calling.

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Bring back Ubizo (The calling)

This series used to get us on the edge of our seats every night, not only was it entertaining but educational as well.

There's nothing like binge watching your favorite series after a long Monday at work , but when that series no longer airs on TV it becomes quite problematic. That's how we felt when Ubizo (The calling) stopped playing on TV, remember how riveting yet horrifying that drama series used to be?

A missed episode of Ubizo was as painful as missing your one and only flight ticket back home for Christmas! Yeah, it was that bad.

It's even worse when you had to go through the grueling process of having to hear what went down on the previous night's episode.

Starring actress, Linda Sokhulu with supporting cast members such as the likes of  Mary Twala (Somizi's mom) Ubizo not only had a great story line but it also had award winning and well-established actors, which has got us wondering why the producers hardly did a second season of the show.

Thank goodness we can find and binge watch all of season 1's episodes of Ubizo on ShowMax.

If there's one thing we enjoyed about Ubizo is how accurate and truthful the writers and directors were to African cultural practices and the importance of understanding and respecting amadlozi (ancestors).

Although the show had a number of very scary moments, like when Mary Twala was possessed by an evil spirit.

Remember this image of her?

Ubizo (The calling)

Ubizo also educated many of us who had little knowledge of what it means to become a sangoma and especially educates those who do not believe nor refuse to understand and respect the workings of African cultural practices. 

If you haven't watched Ubizo you should really consider downloading it for free on ShowmaxShowMax usually costs R99 a month  - which gives you access to more than 25 000 series episodes, movies and kids shows - but there’s a 14-day trial so you can download it for free!

We were actually surprised to find out that ShowMax also has SABC drama series Home Affairs to download also.

Now if they can just add Society starring Brenda Ngxoli then we're all set for our Monday binge-watching marathon!

What we also enjoyed about Ubizo is how it managed to bring people of high, middle and lower class together. For example, the main character Nomathemba, played by Linda Sokhulu was a highly educated, not forgetting sophisticated, modern woman who had a thriving career as a microbiologist.

However, her life spirals out of control when she receives the calling to become a sangoma. Nomathemba's life is endangered when she refuses to heed to the calling which leads to the number of horrifying events in the story.


Moral of the story that is no matter how rich or poor you are chances are, if you're an African, you're susceptible to receiving the calling, especially if it's in your families bloodline. 

There are so many things we'd love to remember and learn from Ubizo, hopefully, signing up on ShowMax's 14-day free trial will allow us to re-live this story.

Thank goodness we don't even need to worry about the downloading chowing our data, if you're at work or in a Wi-Fi zone, make sure you first sign up to ShowMax free 14-day trial, download, Ubizo quick then watch it home either on your TV or even on your smartphone.

14 days of binge watching Ubizo and other local series that don't air on TV anymore?

We're totally down for that.

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