9 of the best quotes from Cassper Nyovest's Real Talk with Anele interview

Caspper Nyovest on losing R2.8 million, being the most reliable booty call and why he stays away from the beef. 

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Cassper Nyovest

I can't wait to get to Anele Mdoda levels when it comes to interviewing people! While many were skeptical about her show before it aired, it has remained a talking point since it's first episode. And yesterday's show featuring Cassper Nyovest was no different. 

Even though there isn't a week that goes by without his name being featured in some or other publication, news website or blog, Mdoda managed to get Nyovest to share a lot of things that we didn't already know. Including the fact that he spent R2.8 million of his own money to make Fill Up The Dome happen. Millions which he never made back but he doesn't regret because, according to Nyovest, you can't buy history, inspiration or impact. 

Damn, just how much money does this guy have?! 

He cited a lot of moments as inspiration for making Fill Up the Dome happen  but the most pertinent point he made was the fact that South African artists should be able to leverage their following to their benefit. 

"If I can have 20,000 likes in Instagram, why can't I have 20'000 people at a show?" 

He also listed Mika Stefano and Loyiso Gola as the two people who come to mind when asked who initially told him that he couldn't possibly fill up Orlando. He also added that Gola's opinion on the matter didn't hurt at all because he doesn't take him seriously anyway (and he doesn't think he's funny). 

When asked if he thinks his come up affected HHP negatively, Cassper corrected the misconception surrounding their relationship by stating that the fact that they stopped speaking as much as they used to made people (HHP included) think that there was a problem between them. 

He admitted that he has tried to call HHP since his Twitter rant in response to a Cassper lyric that he apparently misunderstood but they still have not spoken. 

Cassper Nyovest

If it wasn't for Jabba, I definitely wouldn't be here,"

And that means a lot considering the fact that he also said he never wants to get to a point where he is no longer well known and widely celebrated.

"I never want to get to a point where no one knows who I am... I always want to be one of the favorites in the room." 

This also explains why he never actively gets involved in all the altercations and "beef" that he has been a part of over the years. He says he doesn't walk away from the beef because he's a coward, he says he retreats because he comes to his senses pretty quickly, especially since he's such a big brand and role model. 

"I'm aware of that and I try to be as responsible as I can" 

In addition to being responsible, he's also that one guy the ladies can always call when they find themselves craving cuddles. 

"I'm probably the most reliable booty call so I'll usually take women's calls" after his family that is...

That need to be responsible also extends to his sex life and that of his friends. 

"I'm that guy who will bust a bubble. In the middle of a story, I'll be like 'yo, did you use a condom?'" 

He even kept it real when he discussed his past most famous relationship with Boity which he says is the one relationship he says he really doesn't regret. Considering how well he seems to get along with Boity and not Amanda (who he once took shots at in a song?), one can only imagine what that means.

Cassper Nyovest

He also opened up about how hard it was to watch "the love of his life" make it before he did and end up with another man (Khaya Dlanga -  in case you didn't know).  

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Other things that he revealed include the fact that he looks up to Jay-Z and not Kanye. We would have never guessed that considering all the comparisons he has made between himself and Ye. 

Although he dropped out in high school, Nyovest credits school with teaching him English (poetry and creative writing)  which he says he relies on in his craft as well as the basics of handling finances and numbers which come in handy on the business side of things. Economics was actually his favourite high school subject before he dropped out.

"The only thing I think schools should emphasize is tax. I think schools don't really teach as much as they should about tax"

Nyovest also revealed that he bought an old cricket jacket from a street vendor in Melville for R1000 which he says he'll have laundered and wear at his Fill Up the Orlando Stadium concert because it's so "fresh." The vendor initially asked him to pay R150 for the jacket which he said he got from Sean Pollock years ago. 

He also spoke about his faith which he has always been very vocal about. 

"I can't be telling people how much I believe in God and not show them how much he has changed my life" 

The conviction of his faith is understandable when you hear how he speaks about his mother, her belief in God and her belief in him, her son. 

"My whole plan is to win a Grammy and things like that and when they ask me 'how did you do it?', I want to say 'yo man, through God'." 

Besides Cassper's great quotes, Anele is NICE with the one-liners. One of these rappers better invite her to record some ad-limbs for their next album.

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