Cassper Nyovest In Disbelief Following Being Blue Ticked By Another Rich Person

He took things to heart the night another human being made him feel like a nobody

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Rapper Cassper Nyovest is still in complete disbelief following an encounter he once had with another another rich who paid him in dust. Evidently, Nyovest cannot come to terms being blue ticked by an ordinary despite his fame and fortune.

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When another tweep shared a video of how rich people exchange their numbers on the road. In the video, evidently two rich people are at the traffic light, when they commenced a conversation and continued to admire each other's car, subsequently they proceeded to exchange their numbers.

Cassper Nyovest had a totally different story to share as he insert that he was met with rather a very nonchalant individual when he attempted to admire their well expensive, Ferrari. This experience must have stuck with Nyovest as he clearly have not made peace being blue ticked in broad day light.

"I wish I had the same experience. Yoh, I pulled up next to this other dude in a Ferrar after buying my first Bentley. I was excited to greet this man cause he was a black and I’m thinking “Black Excellence” . Ang shapa ka Bomb!!! Looked at my hand , looked away and drove off!!!" wrote Cassper Nyovest
Evidently, Cassper Nyovest is most getting all the responses he did not anticipate for. As Instead tweeps have gone for the jugular while taking jabs at him for always making almost every situation about himself. Some tweeps were not at all sympathetic to an awkward experience he had but instead they name and shamed him for being a 'pick me' individual.

"how do you turn everything and make it about you?" wrote Ando
"Bentley is a family car. Ferrari is a hyper car. Stay in your Lane" wrote Sir Ken
"Must be crazy being Cassper's friend, u tell him about your day and he turns it into his day" wrote Kokeleo

"I don't know if you do it kamabomo. But you always set yourself up ka di puonyana tsa gago. Like clockwork. Dipuo tsa gago di na le bothepa" wrote Lucy Pearl
"Matric uyadingeka ngempela emtwini" wrote Gugu Ngwenya
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