Cassper Nyovest's dad humbled by the song his son wrote for him

Cassper Nyovest's father speaks highly of his son.

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Cassper Nyovest and dad

If there's one man Cassper Nyovest has genuine respect and love for it's his father. Having released a new album this week, Cassper wrote the song Superman for his father 

In an interview on the Thabooty Drive on 5FM, Cassper Nyovest spoke about how he woke up at 2:00am to write a song about his dad and how he really considers him to be his superman.

"The way I wrote this song, I wrote it as though I am a seven-year-old and I genuinely believe that my dad is superman. I'm not comparing him to Superman, I genuinely believe that my dad is Superman and that's the only thing that makes sense because of how he raised me."

Cassper went on to mention that the one thing he's taken from his dad is that he's a people's person just like him.

Cassper Nyovest and dad

"When you walk with my dad throughout the hood, you will get irritated, because everybody knows him. At one point he said he wanted to have like an electric hand in his car so he could just press it and it would just come out and greet everybody, so my personality reflects who my dad is."

Cassper Nyovest and dad 3

The Thabooty show managed to get Cassper's father on the line as well. His father expressed great excitement and was also humbled at the fact that his son wrote a song about him.

"My son made me so proud, I listened to the song sometime last week, I got some serious goosebumps. I can't explain how excited I was that he wrote a song about me and the fact that he featured my favourite artist on the song made me cry."

Cassper's father was also asked why he thought his son has become so successful in his career and he mentioned that it is because of his teachings.

"I taught him to be humble and that he must always fear God because it is through the grace of God that he achieved all these things. And that he should at all times be respectful to the elders and to whoever is around him."

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