Is Cassper Nyovest Ready To Fight Siv Ngesi?

It appears the rapper has had a change of heart to have another boxing match

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It looks like rapper Cassper Nyovest has had a change of heart to have another boxing match. After being called out on evading Big Zulu, Nyovest is finally considering taking on comedian and actor, Siv Ngesi to a boxing match.

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People have been calling out Cassper Nyovest on picking up fights with 'easy' opponents. However, when Nyovest and Big Zulu started having a beef following the last match with Priddy Ugly. Relentlessly, Big Zulu has been reaching out to Nyovest for a boxing match to no avail.

Without fail, Nyovest has been declining Big Zulu's request for the pair to have a date on a boxing match. However, it appears that Nyovest has had a change of heart to another boxing match after tweeps have been urging him to fight Siv Ngesi.

"Why won't you fighting Siv Ngesi??" wrote Josh Manush
Eventually, Nyovest have succumbed to numerous requests and pressure to fight Siv Ngesi since he has been dodging the fight with Big Zulu. He retweeted one tweep who questioned him why he wouldn't fight Siv Ngesi. In his retweet, it appears Nyovest is ready to have another boxing match with Siv Ngesi.

"Okay Shap, should I cancel the Big Zulu fight and fight Siv ? I don’t mind, I want to give the fans what they want. Big Zulu or Siv Ngesi ?" wrote Cassper Nyovest
Siv Ngesi has also caught wind that Nyovest is ready to take it to the boxing match with him. However, Siv Ngesi did not have anything nice to say for Nyovest but a warning. Ngesi took to Twitter to warn Nyovest that fighting him would be such a bad idea.

"This is a bad idea! But I’m ready!" wrote Siv Ngesi
Following Siv Ngesi's warning, Nyovest saw an opportunity to take a jab on Ngesi's video. He inserts that although he still anticipate fighting Big Zulu, he would gladly take to the boxing match with Ngesi any day. Nyovest continues to talk down on Ngesi's fame as he adds that Big Zulu is ten times more famous than him.

"First of all, This clip had 4 comments in 1 hour before I responded(Heals and All). This is the reason I won’t take your fight over Big Zulu who is 10 times more famous and 3 times the size. I would love to fight you though cause you’re easy money. See you soon buddy!!!" wrote Cassper Nyovest
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