Exclusive: Celeste Khumalo on playing The Queen's most hated character, Linda

She plays one of the most hated characters on Mzansi Magic's 'The Queen,' find out what Celeste Khumalo had to say.

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Celeste Khumalo as Linda

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hooked to and emotionally involved in Mzansi Magic’s latest Ferguson Films drama, The Queen.

You find yourself rooting for a family of people who (in this case) are essentially the bad guys.

One person we can’t stand however is the character of Linda, played by budding actress and business woman Celeste Khumalo. We spoke to Khumalo to find out a little bit more about Linda and what lies in store for her.

“Linda will always put her life first and she never puts herself in a compromising position. She’s a girl who always makes sure she’s got options,” explained Khumalo.

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Khumalo or watch her interviews, you’ll agree that she is nothing like her character which she once reiterated but now that she’s gotten to know the character, she admits to some similarities.

“I believe any girl can adapt in any given situation. I also don’t like to find myself in compromising situations. Her drive is also something we share, we’re both hands on with everything we do,” she said.

Where the two differ, according to the actress, is in their approach to their relationships with people.

“I don’t give up on people easily. She’s almost giving up on Shaka whereas with me, I will be there for the person and If I do give up, it would be after I have done all my best,” said Khumalo.

Linda has been a feisty problem for the Khoza’s since the day Shaka (played by SK Khoza), decided to genuinely rekindle their romance and propose to her. Of late however, he has grown tired of her blatant disrespect and overstepping the mark on many occasions.

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Fans have been excited that the dynamic between Shaka and Linda is changing and he’s no longer just allowing her to do and say as she pleases. I asked Khumalo if Linda is going to let that happen…

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“Linda is a forward thinker. As much as she likes to have options, she will still test the waters to see if she should leave or stay. I think she might stick around to make sure she gets what she wants.”

Hmm, we wonder if she really will get what she wants.  

If you make your assumptions about how The Queen’s viewers feel about Linda based on tweets, you’d swear they all hate her but Khumalo says that is not the case.

“I have come across a few people, at the mall people who stop me to tell me they like Linda and how she’s become mischievous. They are also keen to see what she’s going to do and how she’s going to get out of the situations she puts herself in.”

Speaking of situations, she has been in quite a few in her short time on the show. Mostly with Kea (her fiance’s half sister played by Dineo Moeketsi). We thought a lot of practice goes into looking like they can’t stand each other but apparently not!

“We don’t prep before the scenes, as soon as the cameras start rolling it’s raw, real and legit. It also helps that we understand each other’s characters.”

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We keep hoping that karma will come Linda’s way but the actress basically told us that there is more in store for her character.

“Linda’s not going anywhere and there’s a surprising new “best friend” relationship that will come out from the Khoza mansion. Viewers must keep watching to find out!” she hinted.

As for Celeste herself, she’s putting her shoulder to the grindstone to turn this acting thing into a full time gig while earning her stripes as a business woman.

“I have auditioned for other roles – I am exploring more of the acting. I am also juggling school (MBA) and business.”

In addition to that, she runs a nail bar based in Pretoria which she is both financially and emotionally invested in.

So much so that she says month end is not a good time for her because she is trying to ensure the financial well being of all those who are a part of the business.

Considering the fact that Khumalo says drive and being hands on are both traits that she and Linda share, we have faith that her efforts will flourish.

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