Because Funny Is The New Sexy

They are the sexiest comedians in Mzansi

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 09:11 AM  | Celeste Ntuli  | Top of the

Trevor Noah/Celeste Ntuli
When it comes to our comedians here in Mzansi, you have to agree that we have some of the best the industry has ever seen. And what makes a celebrity even sexier other than their great sense of humor right? 

Below is a list of some of the sexiest comedians in Mzansi because other than making us laugh our ribs off, they sure can make heads turn with their heat serving looks. Read more and find out if your favourite comedian will make it on the list. 

Celeste Ntuli

At the top of the list is this powerhouse of a woman who has on countless occasions proven that she can get her own and that there is nothing that can stop her. She is bold and confident, and above all, the energy that she emits is just attractive and full of life. 

It was just the other day when she took to her Instagram to post a photo of herself in a wedding gown that had us all thinking that she had gotten married. She looked absolutely stunning and the comment section is enough to prove what we are talking about. 

Tumi Morake

Being named the funniest stand up comedian to ever grace the halls of Mzansi is with no doubt an understatement. Tumi Morake sure knows how to handle a crowd and we most definitely love to see it. And can we talk about how she is always setting our timelines on fire with her beautiful smile and her adorable family as well?

It was a bit sad though to learn that she and her family were stuck in the US following the COVID 19 pandemic but it is good to see that they are fairing on just fine. Still that has not stopped her from serving some much needed heat and funny content as always. We love you queen!

Lasizwe Dambuza

Oh come on, did you really think Sweerie was going to miss on this list? I mean one look at him is enough to let you know that he is own raunchy man. Not only is he one of Mzansi’s most favourite online comedians, but Sweerie can also turn heads with his stunning looks.

Remember that one time he hogged headlines for wearing a thong? And even though tweeps were hot on his case, there is no denying that no one can pull it off like Sweerie did and we love to see it. Yes , he keeps making headlines for the most controversial of reasons, but we just love how free spirited he is and how he always shows up for those he loves.


Moshe Ndiki

Yet another gentleman who is absolutely sexy is this comedian and TV presenter. One look at his Instagram is enough to let you know that Moshe is all about living the it life. And boy does he also have quite the charmer for a husband. Such a beautiful couple they are. 

That of course caused eyebrows not too long ago when it was rumored that the two were calling it quits. The news came as a surprise to many as no one really ever knew that the two were struggling in their marriage.

Phelo and Moshe have been together for two years now and their fairytale romance has been pretty much it for us. But it has not been two years devoid of drama and scandal. We can only hope that their love will also weather this storm.

Trevor Noah

Trevor is the pure definition of sexy. From his charming looks to his intelligent jokes, surely, what more can we ask for in a man if not exactly that? Well of course and a healthy bank account if you know what I mean.

It is such a joy to see how well his career continues to bloom in the international space and how he still has not forgotten his roots. Just the other day he was on holiday here in Mzansi, in the company of his equally charming friends. Among them was Sizwe Dhlomo and Anele Mdoda. 

What do you think? Did your favourite comedian make it on the list? 

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