Lasizwe Is In A Search Of A New Boyfriend

Sweerie is tired of being single

By  | Nov 09, 2021, 03:13 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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Following his unsuccessful date with self-proclaimed Smeg ambassador Michael Bucwa - better known on Twitter streets as Mr Smeg. Lasizwe Dambuza has announced that he is back in the market searching for a new boyfriend as he has grown tired of being single.

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The TV star has opened his boyfriend applications and hopefully soon we will be catching a glimpse of his bae. Lasizwe topped the Twitter trends list  earlier this year during his romantic date with Mr Smeg.

Although this was for internet clout, Mzansi was captivated by how the date played out and watched intently for updates. The two were seen looking cozy on social media and Mr Smeg couldn't stop gushing about him on social media but clearly he didn't steal Lasizwe's heart, as he later rejected his second date, leaving many people disappointed.

There are now new signs that Lasizwe is ready to meet new men and go on dates however there is one major requirement when one wants to go out on a date with Lasizwe. He wants to know how much money his date has and whether he has a valid passport.

Taking to his Instagram stories he shared a screenshot of the boyfriend's applications. He asks questions such as 'Do you have a car?' 'Who do you live with?' and 'your educational background.' yasss Lasizwe is not willing to take chances this time around.
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There's no doubt Lasizwe is thriving and his love life is always the talk of the town. Although he managed to keep it as a secret, in February Lasizwe was head over heels in love with his Cape Town boyfriend. The ex-couple even went on a couple's Valentine's weekend gateway together but things ended on a sour note between them.

This is after reality TV star shared that he dropped off his boyfriend at the airport to take a flight to Cape Town, but he later bumped into him at Great Dane in Johannesburg. The two decided to go their separate ways and he did not introduce us to his new bae again.

He recently revealed one of his weirdest fantasies which involves getting a woman pregnant. “I actually want to sleep with a woman and get her pregnant," he said.

"I don’t want it to be a regular thing, I just want to go to penalties. I don’t want it to be recurring, I just want to go to penalty, shoot, score and be done," he said. Lasizwe said he wants to have mixed raced children, "I want my child to be mixed race, like the most beautiful child. I want to create a Coloured. It is so nice I always have this fantasy of my child saying 'my dad is South African and my mum is Russian or my mum is from New Zealand.' And my child has hazel eyes or blue-ish, greenish eyes and has curly hair. I stalk Takkies a lot...her children, I could steal her children,” he said.

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