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MacG gains another supporter

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MacG has gained the support from American podcaster Charlamagne Tha God following the backlash he received for that Ari Lennox interview. The famed radio jock said he will refrain from judging MacG instead, he will teach him how to approach certain things in a better way.

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Podcast and Chill made it into American headlines with Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club team discussing the interview which saw Ari going on a Twitter rant.

The radio presenter said he would not judge MacG instead he would point out a few do's and don'ts. He also pointed out how cancel culture is super quick to judge people and cost them their bread, instead of teaching one another.

“You know I love watching young media personalities attempt to figure it out and one thing I won't do is judge MacG because I — at one point — was a MacG. I was one of those young boys like that so I would rather counsel the man instead of cancel him. This is a teachable moment for young media personalities.

“I didn't hear the whole context of the conversation I just heard that part so I don't know how they got to that question but let me be the first to tell you, it's not what you say but how you say it. I feel like if it's based of something an artist said in the song is fair game but the delivery has to be correct.”

MacG and Sol Phenduka welcomed Charlamagne's response and even reposted it on social media.

Since last Friday, people have been waiting for MacG's response to the whole saga and he finally did on Monday's episode of Podcast and Chill. MacG said her team approached them to do the interview but he did not really want to do it, as he did not know who Ari was at the time. Then MacG consumed some of her music so he could ask her about it but one song which stood out was Pop which talks about sex.

"I've never seen a woman so liberated and talk about sex like she did," said MacG.

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He then said he asked the question in reference to her Tiny Desk performance,  “If you check the tiny desk interview that I was talking about she sings and she mentions I'll f**k you good right now tight, and that was like my entry question: who's fu****g yo good right now.”

MacG then said the hate he is getting is from radio who wants to see him canceled and alleged that influencers are getting paid R60K just to bash his name on Twitter.

“The moment a platform like us exist it's a threat to them and it wasn't a threat in the beginning, because if you check the podcast and you're a chiller and you watch and don't just watch the snippets you realise that's how I talk. I've been asking people who they smash, who they're hit list is body counts from way back all the way back to 2018 but it wasn't a problem. It started being a problem when we started eating from their pockets.”

"If Podcast and Chill exists and there are 10 more other podcasts, that means radio is dead."

With that being said, MacG admits he could have asked her that question differently.

Ari Lennox said this was all her karma, "I'm just like, why was I on a call full of people? Why didn't anyone intervene? And why wasn't parts of of the interview destroyed like the team promised? Why did it happen to begin with? I just feel slow and ambushed and blind-sighted," she said.

"But fuck it! I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. I’m tired of the narrative. Exhausted. I’m good I promise. But as for interviews I’m not doing them anymore. There’s enough lives and interviews out there already."

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