Prince Kaybee Trolls MacG For Being Childish?

That Ari Lennox interview question was inappropriate

By  | Jan 20, 2022, 10:42 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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MacG’s lack of filters in his questions and in everything he says on his podcast is probably the most polarizing thing about him. It is the reason that Chillers love him with a passion, but it is also why he has some very strong haters. And now, we are wondering on what side of the divide Prince Kaybee falls. 
Which is why it was only partly shocking when he recently topped social media trends for asking American singer Ari Lennox the most inappropriate question ever. As they were talking about her music, MacG looked Ari in the eyes and asked her “...where are we at right now, is someone f***ing you good right now?” 

Ari was visibly taken aback by the question, and could not believe MacG’s audacity to ask something so private and intrusive, and phrase it so cheaply too. That was not until the podcaster explained that he asked it like that because he was deliberately quoting her lyrics in one of her songs.
Mzansi was obviously shook, and MacG attracted a lot of criticism for it. As one fan opined, the question was juvenile, and the fact that he laughed after asking it, seeing how grossed out Ari looked, is proof enough that MacG is childish. 

According to the Twitter user, if MacG could be impressed by a question that juvenile, he is probably still childish enough to go around leaving writings on bathroom walls. 

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Prince Kaybee responded to the tweet by tagging Sol Phenduka, MacG’s co-host on Podcast and Chill. Sol did not offer any argument either, all he did was laugh at the mention. He may be one of the people who know MacG best, seeing as he works alongside him week after week, so it was quite interesting to see him respond in that manner. 
The DJ has also announced the drop of his first song of the year. He took to his social media profiles with the cover of the single, called Tayari. Within the short time the song has been out, it has already received a lot of love, if the responses he is getting on social media are anything to go by. 
He has also promised that in 2022, he will drop a song every month, which is a tall order. But if he knows he can do it, we are excited for him too.

By his own admission, he had a terrible year in 2021, so it’s great to see his year kicking off so greatly already. 

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