Connie Blows Off Some Steam

She's taking this to another level.

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Fitness is a lifestyle that most of our celebs love and this can be seen by the time they spend in the gym or even by their healthy lifestyle. Connie is no different and after the painful loss she suffered from losing her husband, Shona, she seems ready to get back into the boxing ring.

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Connie said that she got the love for boxing from her father  Fish Masilo, an avid workout enthusiast who loves boxing and karate. She would also love to turn this into a profession once she retires from acting.  

It has been a couple of weeks since The fitness enthusiast boxed. Slowly, she is returning to her old routine. On Instagram, she posted a series of videos showing a boxing workout she did with her personal trainer at her house.

She gave us major workout goals despite the fact that she hasn't done it in a while. Her coach even threw punches at her and she was dodging them.  Many of us were beaming with joy after watching the videos.

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