LootLove Is Still Reeling From The Loss Of Her Brother

She is struggling to move on

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Radio and TV personally Luthando 'Lootlove' Shosha is still struggling to come to terms with the passing of her brother Lukhanyiso 'Luke' Shosha
Luthando took to Twitter to open up about her grief yesterday.

She said she is having a beautiful year but she is sad that her brother is not with her.

Lootlove said they had so much planned together.

She tweeted: "This year keeps surprising me in the most beautiful ways but I can’t help but be so sad that my Luke isn’t here to walk through these moments with me. I don’t even want to think about things like the girls' 1st day of school… I’m going to crumble. We had plans but then God."

In her previous tweet, the radio star said it is hard to get to terms with losing a loved one.

"The saddest thing about death is that sometimes you kind of “forget” they’re gone… & then you want to call them because something only they would get happened/or you want to share exciting news… & then you remember that you can’t and the grieving starts all over again."
A few weeks ago, Lootlove landed in a hospital due to migraines. 

She then announced that she will be taking a break from social media for a little bit.

"Hey everyone. Just a note: I'm not well. Turns out these migraines are quite serious (landed up in ER). I'll be offline for a bit, please kindly contact Catherine for now: [email protected] for anything urgent. Thank you," she tweeted.

The TV and radio personality always encourages positivity on her social media platforms. She previously penned lengthy Instagram posts encouraging her followers to always strive for the best.

“Here’s what we’re going to do: Love harder, Rise stronger. Give it another shot always. We have to do as much as we can in this lifetime so that those we leave behind are pushed further than we’ve ever been,” said Lootlove. 

She concluded her motivational post by encouraging her fans to take care of themselves.

“Take time out to get to know who you are, you’re stronger when you truly know yourself and where you come from. Scars are armour but only if you’ve cleaned them out, stitched them up, and given them real-time to heal. Remember the water. Be the light. Walk in Love,” she concluded.

Luthando is currently a host of Africa Now Radio on Apple Music. Her show debuted in June this year.

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