Five reasons we're excited about Spotify's launch in SA

Spotify is finally in South Africa and we can't contain our excitement!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Top of The

Spotify SA

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Spotify has finally reached our beautiful country and it comes with great tidings for music lovers and music creators alike. Right now, it's kinda got us like...


Of course, when we heard the streaming service is coming to South Africa we were chuffed, mainly because we've been waiting for the longest time to be added to the world wide web of music but you should also be excited and here are 5 reasons why. 

1. 35 million songs. At your fingertips. 

Can you imagine. Like. That's basically a song for every mood. Every situation. For every thread of Gucci on Riky. Every cigar Stogie lights. Every Bentley Cassper steps on. Every hater AKA shuts down (it's a lot of songs, is what we're saying).


2. Artists get a chance to be discovered by over 139 million listeners

Getting noticed and having your music heard as an artist is a pretty big task. Given, artists back in the day didn't have streaming services and such so it was basically always word of mouth and performances. Fast forward to today and artists have the chance to have their music placed infront of 139 million ears. 139 million. This will increase the chance of you as an artist finding the right ear and having a fan. For life. 


3. Playlists tailor-made. Just. For. You

Spotify's claim to fame has always been the ability to figure out your musical preferences and suggest musical genres/styles which are in the same lane. Although here at home sithi ubuloyi, out there it's called an embedded feature of the app. This gives it a personal touch which make it your musical best friend. Oh, and you can access up to 2-billion playlists made by others. I told you: music for every mood. 


4. Integrate with your social media pages

Yeah, we hear you but listen. Spotify isn't just talking about just sharing your playlist to your friends and followers. That's easy. What do you know about having your playlists be used to help you find a Tinder match based just off finding someone who like the same music as you? Listen. You aren't ready. 


5. It's R59.99. Yep, all this for R59.99 (okay ke, R60)

With all that's been mentioned above, you'd think you have to pay forever. Nope. It's R60. Yup, all these nice things for R60. 

(Oh we almost forgot, your favourite artists are hyped to finally get it here also)

So? Why wait? Give it a shot for a month for free (after which you pay R59.99/month)  or get your premium package for R59.99 per month off bat. It'll be all worth it! 

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