Denise On Malicious Comment About Ayanda Thabethe

She reveals Ayanda's response

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Many of us can admit that we've said some really harsh things about people in the heat of the moment or when we are pressed to say something, sometimes we just speak without thinking about the negative impact our hurtful comments can cause.

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While some people do not take the time to reflect or self-introspect, some actually go back and review their words and apologize. This often come with growth as we become older and wiser.

One person who has had to question some of her malicious words is entertainer Denise Zimba. The former V-entertainment presenter, in 2017, dragged Ayanda Thebethe on TV.

Remember the show The Round Table on Vuzu AMP's V-entertainment? When the panel, which included the show’s hosts Nomuzi Mabena, Moshe and Larryngitis, started talking about SA’s new ‘It girl’ at the time, Ayanda Thabetha, Denise did not bother to sugar coat or mince her words. She outright called Ayanda talentless.

"Ayanda is gorgeous… I do not think she is talented. I do not think she has it,” Denise had said.

While many people called Denise out for her comment, others agreed with her and brushed it off because she was known to be unapologetic about her opinions. However, Denise has reflected on that period of her life and done some introspection. She says that all of this was brought about by the birth of her daughter, Leah.

In a number of tweets, the former Generations actor spoke about her stint in the industry and all the wild decisions she made. She says that becoming a mother has helped her grow and better herself.

"Experiencing my daughter was more than what I could have possibly imagine. What a trailing time. A questionable time, a reflect, regroup and realigning moment in my life’s journey. My world was truly awakened and purposefully distributed. And to be honest - I NEEDED THAT!," she wrote.

"Leah shook my being … her existence called me to order. Not for anyone else, but for myself! I was humbled like you cannot believe BUT reminded of who the f**k I am!," she continued.

The mother of one, who recently relocated to Germany with her husband and daughter, revealed that when she went back to Ayanda and apologized for her words, Ayanda was very gracious and accepted her apology.

"One person I contacted.. @AyandaThabethe. As much as I had an opinion about what I was asked about her, I could have managed that differently. I messaged her to apologize, and understood how my reaction could affected her at the time.

"Always graceful and peaceful she replied... and so much  love and understanding. There are however many other feelings I have had about many things, and will still stand by them. But as much as my intent was not malicious, it had an affect … and for that I do apologize," Denise explained.

She also told her followers that she will be returning to the industry, but she will still be the Denise we all know and love. The dancer and singer says she will create a new level of where they need to be as media personalities.

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