DJ Cndo taking it easy in The Big Easy

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Whilst many of our musicians and entertainment personalities were partying it up in Sun City on Sunday night at the SAMAs, DJ Cndo was 'Livin' la Vida Loca' in New Orleans.

By all accounts, she is loving her time across the Atlantic, leading some to believe that she might not even return home!

From parading around the streets of New Orleans to even paying a visit to the infamous, yet creepy, St. Louis Cemetery, Cndo has shown us that there’s more to touring the States than just visiting 'Tinsel Town' or New York.

DJ Cndo feels so much at home in the 'Dirty South' that she was even brave enough to take a few pictures with a local police officer.


New Orleans #The only city I know where u can pose with a cop, while taking a sip of your Jesus juice 🍸🍹😆

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After a few more 'Jesus Juices', Cndo continued to snap pics with some rather interesting-looking individuals. Is it just us or does this old man look like a cross between Jack Parrow and Bruce Jenner?


The craziness that goes down in bourbon street, New Orleans #about Last nite

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DJ Cndo, we’re glad that you’re having great fun in the 'Dirty South', but please come back in one piece - minus the southern accent. We’ve heard how contagious the accent is. Imagine Cndo’s Durban accent mixed with a bit of a southern twang... what a concoction!

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