DJ Fresh Mocks Jackie Phamotse's 'Dark Magic Claims'

He posed with a giant snake

By  | Nov 11, 2020, 08:16 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Top of The

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DJ Fresh, has decided to join legions of social media users in poking fun at Jackie Phamotse's 'dark magic claims' by sharing a picture of him posing with a big python.

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DJ Fresh decided to crack a joke in the midst of celebs, influencers, wealthy people, and ordinary people being accused of acquiring and maintaining their opulent lifestyles by using black magic.

Author Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram and made some disturbing claims about how these people allegedly use snakes and black magic to accumulate wealth. Jackie did not mention any names, but people were quick to draw their own conclusions and started accusing other celebs.

A part of her message reads;

“In a lot of these big houses, there are a lot of rooms people don’t go into. There are spaces that are not occupied and you are not invited to. For example, if you go to a person who has a snake in the house. Its either they keep it in a locked room or a coffin. These coffins are usually in the backroom or a room that no one doesn’t enter."

DJ Fresh shared a snap posing with a snake and captioned his post "Welcome to #FreshOn947, WE have been expecting you!!!!!"

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Image Cred: @DJfreshsa
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