Q&A with DJ Kenzhero

We chat with one of the most inspirational DJ's in South Africa

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He has an impressive catalogue that dates back to the 90's & 2000's. DJ Kenzhero undoubtedly goes down as one of the most influential DJ's in South Africa and abroad.

ZAlebs had the pleasure of chatting to the DJ and getting to know him better. 

Check out the interview below:

You've been in the game for over a decade now, what's that one aspect of the music industry you still can't stand?

Hmm interesting question, I guess people who are not well prepared enough to do their jobs, whether its DJing or management etc


2.  Which genre of music are you currently enjoying and why?

   I go through different genres in phases but exploring Latin music has been occupying most of my focus for the past few years and this is in all styles Jazz, Samba, Hip Hop, Lounge and even their House music.

3. The industry has since introduced a whole lot of new and young DJs what are the two most important lessons you would like to share with these young DJs when it comes to finances and the craft of being a DJ?

It’s not as easy as it looks and be prepared if you are taking it seriously. I think the problem is that a lot of people are just trying it out or do it casually. For me, that’s unfair to people who make a living out of it, ‘cause no one ever tries to casually be a Doctor or Lawyer. That also distracts from the governance of the craft ‘cause impostors come and go but they disturb a lot of aspects by doing things like playing for free and being on big platforms without the skill, cause kids are watching and thinking ‘I can also do this ...’

Kenny Ken

4. For those who are fans of your work and are not sure what you're up to in Brazil, can you please shed more light on that trip?

Well as I said, Latin music has been my interest for a long time, especially Brazilian music.  I am in Sao Paulo to play at a Black culture festival called Feira Prete and to strengthen my network, research and of course crate dig for new records! The experience will then go back in investing in a brand I started with my business partners Tha Muzik and Tebogo Moalusi called Obrigado. Obrigado is a lifestyle and culture brand based on the music, art, fashion and food of Latin America and Africa, with South Africa and Brazil as the gateway. We have our third birthday party happening on Saturday the 2nd of December at Constitution Hill from 2 to 11pm, come through!


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5. If all record store shops burned down in the world, which three records would you want to save?

Hmm, that’s a hard one, but I’d hate for Mabu Records in Cape Town to burn down. A lot of what I know was shaped from hanging at Mabu for days when I lived in Cape Town.

6. How many vinyls do you own?

I haven’t done a count, but it’s not a bad number.

7. Speaking of records do you play gigs using records much why not? What is happening at The Orbit in Braamfontein on Saturday and why is it special…

It’s not often that I play vinyl gigs but every so often when I do it turns out to be special and I think the Orbit this Saturday, on the 25th of November will also be special. I say this ‘cause people who are aware that it takes skill to do vinyl sets will know that its special. What also makes it great is I’ll be playing vinyl alongside Boeta Gee who is a heavy collector and Zara Julius who specializes in playing vinyl so it’s going to be interesting. From Saturday’s launch onwards The Orbit Vinyl Sessions will happen every Friday.

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8.Would you say the Rebirth of Cool was the best musical project you've been a part of this year? If Yes or No why?

It’s been a long time wish to have a jazz hip-hop band and the current band members Thandi Ntuli helped put together are incredible musicians. Thandi herself just won the Standard Bank Jazz artist of the year and the award was won last year by Benjamin Japhta who is our bassist.  The entire band is full of talented musicians. It was a highlight doing a show with Rebirth Of Cool featuring Stogie T at The Lyric Theatre. 2017 has been good, for instance I love the fact that I have free reign to play whatever I want on Saturday at 2pm on Kaya FM where I’m one of the Sound Supreme DJs (alongside Just Themba, Tha_Muzik and The Rhythm Sessions) we're playing alongside a guy I respect so much, Nicola Conte, on Saturday afternoon at Mushroom Farm Park. 

9. Why are you so looking forward to AFROPUNK JoBurg and what can we expect from you at Constitution Hill on the 30th and 31st?

It will be the first time AFROPUNK happens in Africa, this is a big deal and also getting to perform alongside likes of  King THA Vs BLK JKS, The Brother Moves on, Solange, Anderson. Paak and Petite Noir and all those fantastic acts, is a big deal too. Get your tickets at http://afropunkfest.com/johannesburg/tickets/

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