Lamiez Shows Off Her Pool Area [PICTURES]

Lamiez and Khuli Chana have a beautiful home

By  | Oct 26, 2022, 11:41 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Top of the

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On Wednesday Lamiez Holworthy was generous enough to let us into a home.
It appears Lamiez and Khuli Chana decided to take the day off and relax at their beautiful home. Through her stories, the Metro FM DJ shared a video of her husband taking a swim in their luxurious pool.
Lamiez looked on as Khuli dived into the water. “I want to get in but I don’t want to get wet,” she told her husband.
After they were done swimming, the couple enjoyed a movie together. 
Holworthy recently won her first ever Basadi In Music Award and dedicated it to her dear which had been 12 years in the making.
"It took me 12 years… 12 whole years to build my brand. 12 years that weren’t always the easiest and the truth is, I owe both awards to my mother. My mom who believed in me when this was all just a dream, who took money meant to pay the electricity bill and bought me headphones when I just started out(this meant that my family had to sit in the dark a little longer)," said Lamiez.
She shared how her mom used to drive her to gigs in her late dad’s security van.
 "My mom who drove me to gigs with my late dad in a SECURITY VAN because we didn’t have another car at home at the time. My mom who’d spend her last on printing and wearing T-shirts with my name and Logo on it because she believed in me that much. My mom whose been my manager since day 1," she said.
Lamiez also dedicated her achievement to her fans who voted for her and continue to show her support.
 "I also owe both awards to each and every loyal supporter who used their time and hard earned money to vote me. This win is OURS. This win is for every little girl with just a dream- see whilst it looks easy on social media,it’s far from it but when you work hard,absolutely no one can take it away from you-Your time will come. YOUR TIME IS NEAR.The one thing I pray everyone takes from this is that I am no overnight success. That it took me over a decade to build the woman I’ve become."
She hopes that young girls stop believing the hype that they see on social media and continue to work hard to achieve their goals.
I pray that little girls stop believing the hype on social media and see that hard work really does pay off. Sadly people put themselves under pressure based on the facades they see online. No one really shows or speaks about the struggles behind the scenes. And yes,there a few that get lucky and get their big breaks quick BUT that’ll unfortunately not be the case for most. What is for you however will not miss you. Block out the noise and focus on your focus. As for me? My name is Lamiez Holworthy and I’m just a girl from Pretoria who refused to give up."
Main Image Credit: Lamiez Instagram Account
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