WATCH: Lamiez's Daughter Hypes Her Up

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Having your family express their pride in you and appreciate your hard work is on of the best feelings in the world. One person who can attest to this is DJ and radio presenter Lamiez Holworthy who is a proud mother after what her daughter Nia did for her.

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Nia is rapper Khuli Chana's daughter from his previous marriage. However, the bond between Nia and Lamiez is very strong, as they are close and spend time together.

When the little princess had to write a short story about what she did over the holiday, she wrote about all the fun things she did with her mother Lamiez when they celebrated her new job at Metro FM. This made Lamiez's day and she took to Twitter to share a clip with her daughter reading about her. An emotional Lamiez wrote: "Child led parents meeting with my broke best friend... she wrote about me and me new job on Metro too."

During hard lockdown, she suggested that she has been playing with the idea of having a few more Khuli Chanas. The popular house DJ was commenting on a post by Ms Cosmo writing that there must be nothing better than being pregnant during the lockdown, as there is no β€œgroove” to miss out on as everyone is indoors anyway. Commenting on the post, she wrote that the thought about having a baby during these times had crossed her mind.

Lamiez and Khuli Chana have been married for a year and currently do not have a child together. Recently when she was dishing out some facts to her followers, one came for her and asked why does she not give Khuli kids. The troll pushed it by asking if she can bare children.

"That's not OK you can't have everything you want in life and fail to give Khuli a child, issa no no. Don't you want a child or Khuli doesn't want a child or is it bcoz you guys can't make a child?"

Lamiez clapped back hard, and rightfully so, making it clear that her life is none of the trolls business.

"You're a joke. The point that I just made flew right over your head neh?! Imagine a whole adult like yourself so invested in MY life. Tell me how any of this is your business also? O stlaela wena, jy’s Dom! Houtkop nje. shame man."

Lamiez was not at all impressed by this and lashed out even more, "We really tweet amongst baloi Le Di houtkop (witches) and it’s sad because contrary to what many believe, Twitter can be such a beautiful place. Not only because I’ve seen you guys come together, stand together and support each other for a greater course but also because y'all are super funny too," she tweeted.

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