They've Got No Time For Black Twitter

These Zalebs are not active on Twitter

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 01:24 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Top of the

DJ Maphorisa/Zahara
We can agree that we all live for the savage twars that make their way on our timelines every other day. It will therefore come as a shock to learn that some of our favorite celebrities here at Zalebville, are not actually active on Twitter!

While some of them have stayed a long time without having tweeted, others just tweet when absolutely necessary or when their name pops up in a conversation. Curious to learn more? Read more to find out.

Cyan Boujee

For someone who is always being dragged helter skelter on Twitter you’d think that she is also equally just as active right? Well, you guessed wrong. Despite her fairly huge following on platform, the socialite’s last tweet was in November 2021, and for a celebrity, that is actually a long time away from Twitter.

Linda Sokhulu

This actress is known for her dope acting skills that always keep us glued to our screens. And while she has been out of the limelight for a while, it seems that she doesn't really have that much activity going on Twitter as well.

In fact the last time she tweeted on Twitter was in 2019 and many are left to wonder, does she have a social life at all? Guess having a social life and being active on Twitter are two different things huh?


Next up on the list is this musical artist who was last active on Twitter in 2020. And with a following of over 500k people, it is surprising that he does not do much on the platform. But has that stopped him from being dragged by tweeps and trolls alike? Not at all!

He is pretty active on Instagram though where he keeps updating his fans on his day to day life, including his ridiculous charging fees that landed him in hot soup with Black Twitter.

Babes Wodumo

Following closely is Mampintsha’s wife Babes Wodumo. The artist only has 656 followers on Twitter. As if that is not enough, her account is only restricted, meaning that unless you follow her, you cannot see any of her tweets.
But just like Mampintsha she is active on other platforms like Instagram and is constantly making headlines for her celebrity beefs like the one she recently had with Makhadzi that set our timelines ablaze.

Khanyi Mbau

Remember that one time Black Twitter decided to drag Khanyi for having left her bae in Dubai? Well even then, Khanyi never uttered a word about it on her Twitter. The only time Khnayi ever comes online is when The Wife is being discussed and her role as Zandile is being put under the spotlight.

With a verified account and with quite a following on the platform, guess we will be seeing more of her especially after she landed the role as Zandile


The Ganama hitmaker also makes it on the list of Zalebs inactive on Twitter. Other than posting about her awards and various nominations, Makhadzi is not really that active on the platform. With a following of over 400K it is good to see that her fans will always show up for her when her name is mentioned by trolls.

Dj Maphorisa

This may come as a shock to many but Phori is also not active on Twitter as well. Despite the massive headway he has made in the music industry, DJ Maphorisa only has a following of 8K and is not even verified on the platform. 
His last tweet was on the 10th December 2021 and even before that, there was not much activity from his account. That has not stopped him from making headlines be it for his feuds with fellow Zalebs or his relationship with Thuli P.


If there is a celebrity who is always showing up on our timelines for all the wrong reasons it’s Zahara. Mostly for her alleged drinking problem that always seems to ruffle Mzansi the wrong way.

It is therefore quite surprising to learn that despite constantly being on Black Twitter’s wrong side, Zahara is barely active on Twitter even with a verified account. Could it be that all the dragging ran her off the platform?

So just in case you ever felt the pressure of being active on Twitter, remember that not even your fave Zalebs succumb to that pressure. 

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