DJ Sbu: If you're black, you can't forget where you come from

He speaks the truth once again

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Sbu  | Top of The

DJ Sbu

He went from being just a regular DJ from the hood to one of South Africa's most respected DJ's and entrepreneurs.

DJ Sbu grew up ekasi during the apartheid era with the smell of teargas in the air. Having started his record label at just 21, he has spread his wealth across various businesses. 

But the business mogul has not forgotten his humble beginning. Speaking as a special dinner guest on Let's Eat With Siphokazi, DJ Sbu said:

"Any black person when they're doing well, they always have to think about where they are coming from. May we have love for our communities and families, as black people please."

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu has never been shy about representing the hood and has always encouraged people to always be proud of where they come from and to acknowledge their humble beginnings.

Just recently he shared a post about his humble beginnings as a DJ, he even went to the extent of showing his supporters the first YFM building where the station was located at. Yeah, this was before YFM was even situated in Rosebank.

Sbu mentioned how one should never overlook their small beginnings as they are a reminder of how hard one has worked to get where they need to be.

He wrote:

"Never despise small beginnings. Decided to visit the old YFM building where millions of lives were changed including mine.

I first visited this building over 70 times before I was hired. I would become one of the most hardest working youth in that building. 
Worked for almost 2 years with no cheque just serving paying my dues & learning. Being on air on the graveyard slot & doing stand-ins sometimes gave me an opportunity to get paying gigs playing in clubs & bashes.

Before joining Y as a small time popular DJ in my hood I used to play at weddings & parties charging R300 - R500 per gig. After joining Yfm I started charging R1.5k per gig. That's how I made my money staying in a flat in Yeoville."

Once again, DJ Sbu reminds us to never give up and always strive to work harder to get where we need to be.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJSbulive