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DJ Sbu is still making headlines for his fake Forbes magazine cover. The DJ and entrepreneur's fabricated cover, which hit social media recently, got a reaction from Forbes Africa when the company distanced itself from the cover. 

Forbes' Chris Bishop told eNCA: "It just came out of the blue, it was a surprise." He said people started texting him, asking him about the cover and the person who was on it.

"And, for a magazine like us who works very hard to make sure that we only have top entrepreneurs who have made it in this continent, it was a very difficult thing for us to have to handle," he explained.

He added: "People who are names in this country are not names in West Africa, where we sell most of our copies. They are not names in East Africa, even other countries in Southern Africa."

But Sbu has defended himself. The cover was actually created by a fan and the DJ's only crime was to share it on social networks. He never even claimed to be on the cover of Forbes, and only shared an article that the mag wrote about him online.

Sbu explained on eNCA: “I was honoured that someone would go to the trouble of creating such an image. I thought it was cool so I re-tweeted it."

He told the news channel that he was surprised by the response he received. He said: "People are missing the point. I have no control over what people do on the Internet. I never thought Forbes Africa, or anyone for that matter would react so negatively, especially in light of the overwhelming positive article about the success of MoFaya."

He said since the story about drinks Made in Africa came out, their sales have sky-rocketed.

"People are not being negative, they congratulated us for the coverage in Forbes which was all about drinks made in Africa. It’s the media that is being negative and focusing on the cover and the reaction from Forbes Africa."

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