"There Are Many Painful Things Said By People On Social Media"- DJ Tira

DJ Tira's name gets cleared

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Virginia and Viggy, also known as Qwabe twins were thrust into the spotlight after appearing on the South African Idol talent show, and they have since become one of the country's sought-after musicians.

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It is no secret that DJ Tira contributed immensely to their musical success. However, he has been accused of sleeping with the twins, and DJ Hlo.

DJ Tira's name has also been cleared after the twins revealed on social media that they participated in this year's Reed Dance.

Speaking to Isolezwe, DJ Tira says he disregards what people think. "There are many painful things said by people on social media, one can't conform with them  What you can do is to live your life in a way that is better for you," said Tira.

Viggy said that they always write down their desires and that they have written that they will not have their bodies touched by men. "Because we know what we want and where we are going, we always write down our desires. We write down that our bodies will never be touched by men."

She said different men always court them, but they turn them down because they are virgins and they attend virginity testing.

Qwabe Twins were amongst this year's maidens at Reed Dance in KwaZulu-Natal and they were hailed for preserving their virginity despite being in the entertainment industry.

"It was a decision that we made beyond compulsion and we are happy with it. At first, we did it for fun but when we grew up we realized its importance," said Viggy.

They said they want to encourage young girls that they can continue to be celebs and virgins.

"Fame is not easy because it is easy to be tempted. But we can encourage young girls that you can be a celebrity but continue to be a virgin. We are very proud of this journey that we took because it protected us," said Viggy.
Viggy recently told Daily Sun that when they started to attend the Reed Dance, they were doing it for fun but later realized its importance 

“We were only `10-years-old when we started attending virginity testing. Our older sister used to do it and we were inspired to join her.” It was a voluntary decision and we are happy we took it. Initially, we were doing it for fun, but as we grew older we realized its importance," said Viggy

"We started attending the Reed Dance at the age of 16. Now both virginity testing and reed dance have become part of our lifestyle," she added.

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