Pearl Modiadie Celebrates Her 33rd Birthday

The TV presenter has officially paid off her dad's house

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Today, 30 December 2020, marks the 33rd birthday of Television presenter Pearl Modiadie.

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The star took to social media this morning after the clock had rung on her birthday to celebrate it. On the 30th of December, the Modiadie family was blessed with a sweet addition to the family. Little did they know that their bundle of joy would grow up to have such an influence and impact in the world, hence many regard her as a role model.

After having achieved so much in his lifetime, it's hard to believe that sis is only thirty years old. In a tweet, Pearl said she has paid off her father's house that she purchased back in 2017.

In 2017 Pearl took to social media to share a video of her surprising her father with a beautiful house and fans have been congratulating her on this milestone. Pearl has a lot to celebrate in 2020 as she recently gave birth to her bundle of joy baby Oliver.

Another star who is celebrating her birthday is DJ Zinhle. The award-winning DJ took her Instagram page and penned a sweet happy birthday message to herself.

" It’s my birthday 🥳 today and I thank God for all the blessings & the love I get especially from you. ❤️ It truly is amazing how much love and support you all show me and I am supper grateful for that💕 I have one wish 🙏🏾 for my birthday this year and that's to ask that we continue to support local, black-owned businesses out there🤞🏿God bless you all.," she wrote.
DJ Zinhle recently made a huge announcement that she has acquired equity in the prestigious sparkling wine beverage, making her the CEO. In a post, she promised to redeem the brand to new heights.

"For me, the perfect business acquisition has to share great synergy with who I am, not only as a DJ but as a woman too. I’d like to think I am the perfect mix between power and sophistication and the Boulevard brand mirrors that nicely. I see great potential for Boulevard Rosè to go to new heights with my signature touch," she said.

Her announcement follows after she tweeted that she will be making a big announcement and said the moment will be life-changing especially to her daughter Kairo Forbes. Her latest business venture has been doing well and we wish her the best of luck.

Happy birthday Pearl and DJ Zinhle!

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