Dr Malinga's Ghost Of The Past Haunts Him

Some tweeps are certainly not sympathetic with him

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While Mzansi has been taken by Dr Malinga's recent predicament that he shared when he visited Podcast and Chill with MacG. Some tweeps are certainly paying Dr Malinga and his financial woes in dust.

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Tweeps have dug up old Facebook posts that were made by Dr Malinga during his peak era. This comes after his recent visit to Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he shared some of his financial and lifestyle difficulties at the hands of the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Tweeps have taken Dr Malinga down memory lane when he used to mock them during his peak period. In a post made on Facebook back in 2017, Dr Malinga went on you urge his fans to vote for one of his song back then. However the tone he used was very much condescending as well as sarcastic.

"Now that you are sober, probably broke, likely in debt and the only thing that you are able to pay is attention, I can now safely say happy new year!!!! If you need help with transport money, school fees, stationery, uniforms and even rent money. Please SMS "Akulaleki Mawunemali to 31314" wrote Dr Malinga

"..in the near remember that "Bophelo ke lebele ngwana papa" wrote Kgomotso Mabela
Some tweeps are certainly not at all sympathetic with Dr Malinga's current financial situation. Instead, they are making him realize some of his past mistakes by mocking people while he was at his peak and the biggest star in South Africa.

"Its as if Dr Malinga didn’t post this 5 years ago" wrote Phiddy
"The North will Remember Dr …" wrote Lisa
Dr Malinga shared his heartfelt story with the podcast, which has led to a call-out for donations from some of his fans as well as other celebrity intervening to assist the fallen musician and dancer who is loved by many.

After his visit to Podcast and Chill with MacG, many people have pledged donations to assist Dr Malinga during this trying time. Some of the stars have also extended an extra hand to assist Dr Malinga, the likes of Kabza De Small, DJ Black Coffee, and Makhadzi.

Rumor has it, DJ Black Coffee has donated an amount of R500 000 to Dr Malinga. While Kabza De Small have gone to the studio with the musician and recorded a song with him, amongst other things he has offered him. Makhadzi has invited Dr Malinga to perform to her upcoming One Woman Show to take place in October.

He has since thank MacG and his team profusely for allowing him to share his story. Which has led to a number of people extended their hands to assist where they can.

"Potcast and chill with MacG Sol ,Phenduka n Chillers you showed me too much guys,you restored my dignity,God bless thanks bye" wrote Dr Malinga
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