#eHostela: Goodbye Mndeni

Is it really the end of the road for him?

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Mzansi Magic's eHostela left many of its viewers heart-broken after its cliff-hanger of an episode.

In an unexpected turn of events, viewers were shocked to have witnessed the killing of its leading character - Mndeni who was accused of killing his father, Mancinza in cold-blooded murder.

If you haven't been watching the show, Mndeni's father - Mancinza was murdered not by Mndeni whom he adopted, but by his own biological son - Jama.

Envious and full of hatred towards Mndeni, Jama has managed to have many people turn against Mndeni, including their mother - Ma MKhize.

Although Ma Mkhize confronted Jama and told him that she witnessed him kill his father,  in a turn of events, Jama managed to convince her to lie on his behalf when she was questioned by the hostel community about the truth surrounding her husband's death.

Although it was difficult for Ma Mkhize to do so, Jama had already sunk his claws in her when it was time for her to tell the truth.

Regretful for her actions, Ma Mkhize lied and told the hostel community that it was Mndeni who killed her husband, knowing very well it was not.

In a rush to have him killed, Mndeni was eventually not only shot but stabbed and thrown in the sea, an act we did not expect to see so early in the show.

Viewers have expressed how saddened they are about Mndeni's sudden death on the show.

Could Mndeni be really dead? It just does not make sense he is the starring of this entire show, why would the writers write him off so suddenly in the storyline?

The only way to find out is to watch the next episode on Sunday.

Do you think Mndeni is really dead?

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