Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa Catching Smoke After Black Coffee's Interview

Tweeps have since gone head to head to defend the Enhle smack down

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Following the much anticipated Podcast and Chill with MacG episode featuring international DJ Black Coffee. Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa found herself catching smoke, since during the first interview she was the topic of discussion.

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This particular Podcast and Chill with MacG was rather different from the usually session the podcast does. Notoriously known for controversial commentary, tongue in cheek content and over the top personalities, the podcast was premiered on the big screen at Ster Kinekor.

"Black Coffee sorted Enhle Mbali out and so did MacG. There was not even a mention of her name. It was all about his life and career as a musician. #podcastandchillwithmacg" wrote Dimakatso David Mokwena
Those who were in attendance, immediately took to Twitter to boast about being part of the revolutionary episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG. However, the battle of words between tweeps started when Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa's name was in the comments as pertaining to to Black Coffee's interview.

Evidently the last interview ruffled enough feathers when Black Coffee slammed his ex wife and mother of his two children during his interview. Mlotshwa's biggest outcry from her marriage to Black Coffee was physical and emotional abuse.

Mlotshwa even went on to wish for a CNN sit down with Black Coffee, where she can expose all of his dirty laundry on national TV.

"The only people that were sorted out were the people that went to watch, not Enhle. There are many articles and interviews on Black Coffees music career, a majority of the people there went for the gossip and the ridiculing of Enhle." wrote Mzondi
"What has Enhle got to do with it YALL that went to watch are the only ones sorted Tf…leave Enhle out of this" wrote Thaa Blaa
However, Black Coffee rubbished all the abuse claims during his session on Podcast and Chill. Feeling maligned, Mlotshwa immediately took to social media after the interview to further validate her claims of physical and emotional abuse.

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa's IG post was addressing a certain man who apparently is planting stuff on her. "This guy is too much. I wan an interview both of us, one room CNN! The email I just read! Now planting stuff! It's getting increasingly dangerous!" wrote Mlotshwa
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