Is Enhle Mbali Still Taking Digs At Black Coffee?

The ZAleb compares herself to an elephant in “every reason under the sun.”

By  | Jan 26, 2023, 11:46 AM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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Mbalenhle “Enhle Mbali” Mlotshwa has been the site of many headlining scandals in the month of January. Unfortunately, most of which have not been aimed at painting her in a great light. More so as the first was the matter of her contentious divorce to ex-husband Black Coffee continues to the demise of a relationship which continues to give content.

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First, it was Black Coffee lambasting Enhle for allegedly using him as the face of her abuse advocacy “rebranding.” Thereafter, it was the allegations that in an attempt to sway the public’s favour towards him that Black Coffee was responsible for the allegations that Enhle was the cause of someone’s marriage as she was the side that wanted to be upgraded to second wife

A matter which has since been denied by the implicated husband, Justice Huni, who alleged that Enhle was “one of the boys” who lied as an attempt to protect him when his wife found out about his real affair. At the time, Black Coffee celebrated the matter of the public turning away from Enhle Mbali. A fact which continues to irk Enhle as she seems to be still taking digs at her ex-husband. 

Is Enhle Mbali still taking digs at Black Coffee? 

It seems that due to their custody agreement, Enhle Mbali was able to spend Christmas with her two children she shares with Black Coffee and in exchange Black Coffee got to spend time with their children in January. Or the fact that her children are back in school as suggested by one of her recent posts. 
As such, with all that is going on, it seems that Enhle decided to take a vacation which is either a solocation or she was not interested in sharing who exactly joined her on the trip. However, she shared an image from the vacation which sees her playing with elephants. In her caption, Enhle seemed to make it clear that she might have forgiven but she has not forgotten as she wrote: 

““Elephants again Enhle,” yes, these are officially my spirit animal, for every reason under the sun. So yesterday I went in for my centring… Loved every moment.” 
Therefore, it would seem that Enhle is still patiently waiting for her CNN sit-down with herself and Black Coffee present. A refresher to what exactly that was about is: 

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa was fuming this morning in a cryptic Instagram stories post, regarding a "guy" and her children. The fashion designer is currently in a nasty divorce battle with her baby daddy Black Coffee. If that is not enough to cause a headache, she is embroiled in a cheating scandal where her alleged dirty laundry made front page news.

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Her cryptic IG post was addressing a certain man who apparently is planting stuff on her. "This guy is too much. I wan an interview both of us, one room CNN! The email I just read! Now planting stuff! It's getting increasingly dangerous!" she exclaimed.
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