Enhle Mbali Tests Positive For COVID-19

"They even make fun of me on set"

By  | Jul 15, 2020, 07:30 AM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Top of The

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Enhle Mbali is the latest celebrity to reveal that she had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

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In a lengthy Instagram post she opened up about the hardships she has faced, not only during her recovery period fighting the virus, however she opened up about the last three years of her life being the most testing period of her life.

Enhle is currently going through a public divorce and public opinion and scrutiny can often times put a strain on some people's mental well-being.

However the actress is focusing on the more important things in her life right now and that is to beat this virus, among other things

Revealing her diagnosis, she even revealed that people on set at her work place made fun of her.

"I also tested positive for COVID-19 as careful as I am. They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in , I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help," she opened up.

Despite the trials and tribulations, Enhle, in high spirits, says this year is her best yet.

"I had to have some real conversations with myself and how ,why, I was forgetting me. I found the answers and when I did life began, 2020 was that year for me . People will loose it but this is my best year. People lie in your names sake. They will cheat, mistreat you, allow others to mistreat you only because you give them permission," she wrote.
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