SABC Celebrates Skeem Saam

The educational soapie turns 10 years this year!

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Skeem Saam has been hailed as the top soapie on television because of it's strong and authentic storyline, which resonates with the daily realities of South Africans. The SABC 1 hit soapie made it's debut on October 2011, and till this day, it is a hit!

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When Skeem Saam premiered, it started off as a drama series, which then got promoted to being a soapie. When it started off, it centred around the youth of Turfloop High School and how they navigated life whilst facing a truck load of problems.

The soapie covered many social ills such as teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, alcohol abuse, bullying father absenteeism and many others.

SABC 1 expressed just how proud they are of the soapie and it's success. "The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its highly popular SABC 1 drama series Skeem Saam. Since its first episode on 13 October 2011, Skeem Saam, whose main premise examines the plight of todayโ€™s male children and the tough challenges they face transitioning into manhood, has tackled educational content which has kept South African audiences captivated.

They boasted about Skeem Saam being crowned number 1 on several occassions, and having amassed 3 million viewers in the country. They also could not keep quiet about the fact that they always trend on Twitter. 

Skeem Saam creator and producer Winnie Seriti, said, โ€œWe are proud to be affiliated with the SABC, a broadcaster that has taken pride in giving local Productions, Writers and Talent a platform for so many years.  We started out wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people that watch our soapie, but we never anticipated the significant impact we would make to society through this programme. 

"10 years later, our audiences remain loyal to us, helping us continue to tell relevant stories to millions of South African across the country, and shining a light on current issues that affect our youth today. Hereโ€™s to many more years together, as we continue to change the lives of people season after season!โ€

The current intriguing story has viewers questioning if Harriet Manamela who plays Meiki Maputla will be leaving the soapie because she got sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Skeem Saam's publicist told Daily Sun she will not be written out of the soapie, "She's not leaving the show. Fans would just need to stay tuned to see how it all unfolds," she said.

Meiki got herself in trouble when she shot Mantuli and Kwaito after news that Kwaito is her step son got out. She then grabbed her gun and shot him.

Taking a break from Skeem Saam is an actor who stuck with it from day 1. Cornet Mamabolo took some time off to focus on his insurance company, โ€œFrom the 14th of September 2021, Cornet Mamabolo will be taking a break from Skeem Saam to focus on his personal interests. His decision comes at a time where he to make his insurance company the first priority during his interval.โ€ Read the statement.

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