Distraught Faith Nketsi-Njilo Pouring Her Heart Out On AKA's Passing

She claims her heat breaks for Nadia Nakai, his family and daughter, Kairo

By  | Feb 15, 2023, 01:35 PM  | Faith Nketsi  | Top of the

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An obvious distraught Faith Nketsi-Njilo overcome with emotions has poured her heart out following the untimely death of rapper, AKA. Taking to social media, Nketsi-Njilo's thread has caught many by surprise as she details the hurt, heartache and anger she carries over the eventuality that has stole AKA.

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The reality TV star still fails to come to terms with the reality that Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes is no more. Nketsi-Njilo wishes all that has transpired was just like a bad dream that everyone is still going to wake up from. 

"Guys. Surely we going to wake up from this nightmare any minute now … you can’t tell me he’s really no longer with us ! GUYS?!!!!" wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo
Without a doubt, the whole continent is still trying to come to terms with this sudden death after AKA was murdered outside an establishment in Florida Road, Durban. Nketsi-Njilo's more so concerned about girlfriend Nadia Nakai as well as the whole family.

"My heart breaks for Nadia. I tear up every time I think about her . She loved that man. That man loved that woman. Oh Modimo! I can’t imagine this pain" added Faith Nketsi-Njilo
"Yuh ha-a . This will take some time to accept. He had his whole life ahead of him and someone just snatched it. I can’t believe they TOOK his life. I can’t believe such hatred exists. Lord!" added Faith Nketsi-Njilo
"I can’t even begin to imagine how horrifying it must be to be told ur never going to see daddy again . As a mom how do u tell ur daughter that? What makes it worse is that when she’s older, she’l come across the footage . No child should see that. I hate that footage sm" added Faith Nketsi-Njilo
Although Nketsi-Njilo did not know AKA personally but they were moving within the similar circles in the industry. Same goes for all some of his fans and followers who did not personally know him but are as much shattered as his family.

"I didn’t know the him on a personal level but Jesus! It hurts me. Can you imagine those that knew him, loved him, cared for him, prayed for him when speaking to God? Can you imagine how they feel" ended Faith Nketsi Njilo
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