Faith Nketsi-Njilo Not Beating The Streets Allegations

A picture of the reaity TV star at a club scene has gotten tweeps talking

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Enough speculations and rumours have been swirling around suggesting that Faith Nketsi-Njilo's marriage is allegedly over. The reality TV star was rumoured to have moved out of her matrimonial home to a hotel and was back to club hosting like old days.

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At the height of her marriage to husband Nzuzo Njilo being a hot topic, Faith Nketsi-Njilo remains the talk of the town on the social media streets. Following a recent picture of the reality TV star photographed with Da L.E.S, LTido and K.O, more tweeps are more convinced that Nketsi-Njilo marriage may be on ice as suggested earlier.

"She’s back on the streets where she belongs " wrote Chris Excel
Currently Nketsi-Njilo's husband Nzuzo Njilo is trending on Twitter as tweeps have proceeded to make fun of him, while they continue to factualize the rumours surrounding their marriage. Recently, the public learned that the marriage was on ice and Nketsi-Njilo was reportedly to have left her marital home to move to a hotel.

"It's rude to be touching someone's wife. Especially in that manner. I guess you were right" wrote Lucky Kunene
"I know marriage is a bad investment, but marrying a Slay Queen is throwing you hard earned money down the drain" wrote  Raymond D
Nketsi-Njilo keeping mum on the rumours about her marriage having allegedly ended has caused scores of tweeps to continue speculating and inserting their conspiracy theories. A video of Nketsi-Njilo with another gentleman that was slapping her with his manhood on her face still roams the internet and continues to eat away on Nketsi-Njilo's credibility.

"That Faith Nketse husband has himself to blame How can take a woman who has video bemshaya nge pipi ebsweni umenze umfazi" wrote Chris Excel
"I’m assuming the Njilo Family didn’t approve this marriage ( Nzuzo β€˜s dad ) since I didn’t see him at the wedding phela Nzuzo’s dad is Monied naye if their break up is true I’m 1000% Nzuzo will be fine" wrote Sindi Zuma
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