Fezile Makhanya Officially Joins Fatherhood

Another baby ZAleb is finally here

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Actor and television presenter Fezile Makhanya has welcomed new addition to his growing family tree.

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Love is definitely in the air in ZAlebville! There has been a parade of new bundles of joy announcements all year round ! We even lost count of how many new baby Zalebs we have welcomed this year, and it's beautiful to see our favorites become parents and extend their families.

Fezile has joined fatherhood and he is ecstatic. The actor took to his Instagram account to pen a heartfelt message to his baby, celebrating his bundle of joy's grand entry into the world.

"I’m filled with so many emotions, but I can’t put them into words.
I’ve known of your existence for some time now, but meeting you for the very first time has me looking at life differently. Feelings of joy, excitement, pride & anxiety are an understatement. I’m still in disbelief that you’ve made me uBaba
It’s been a long time coming (excuse the pun ) & I honestly can’t thank God enough,"
he said.

He promised to be always present in in his child's life. "What matters is that you’re here now, in my arms, in our arms. I want you to know that uBaba has your back & I will be forever present in your life. There’s a lot that I want to teach you, and a lot that I’d like to learn from you too. Most importantly, know that uBaba loves you VERY VERY much!! 👶🏾

Fezile and his wife recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. The couple tied the knot. In 2018, he told Graeme Richards on SABC 3’s Expresso, Fezile  how grateful he was for not having a famous wife.

“I don’t think you could ever find a balance...because I’m known publicly, the only thing I want as mine and mine alone, is the relationship that I have with my partner...and luckily for me, thank God, she’s not a public person, she’s a corporate, nine-to-five, and that's where she likes to stay…”

Fezile went on to add that it was hard for his wife to accept his fame when they first met, saying: “On our first date, one of her first questions was like: ‘So listen, I googled you and you’re famous, what do you do?...I don’t think I can actually do this” and I’m like: “Please can we try this again, can we go on like a second date…” but I think it’s very important for us, public figures to value our privacy ,"

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