Florence Calls For The Protection Of Actors

"Situation has not changed, it has gotten worse"

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Award-winning actress Florence Masebe has shared two parts video clips of her submission to the parliament on Twitter. In the video, the veteran actress is pleading for the protection of actors in South Africa.

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In the first clip, she pleads for economic rights and the end of exploitation of actors by broadcasters and producers.

“Giving economic rights to actors is not a mistake, it is something that should have been part of the system all these years but unfortunately the focus of our industry is never the actor it is always the pockets of the broadcaster and the producer while zero consideration is given to actors earnings and dignity.

“My next plea to this committee and parliament is that you please save us and the future generation from the blatant exploitation of actors by broadcasters and producers who for many years have taken advantage of the lack of education and information among many of us,” she said.
Captioning her second clip, she said the lawmakers do not care about actors and audio-visual performers of this country.

“I am an actor in a country that does not believe in paying royalties for audiovisual performance. The law is not on my side. The lawmakers do not care. Don't let their condolences messages fool you.”

In the video, she says:  “My reality speaks to an environment of an actor in this country… not America, not Europe and not any other place but here at home. My input may be that of an individual but I strongly believe that my sentiments here are representative of the voices of many audio-visual performers, actors who have not had the opportunity to put forward a submission to this committee and make their voices heard.

“I make this submission for the many actors, living and departed whose rights, moral and economic have not been protected by law since the advent of television in this country more than 40 years ago.… My first plea to this committee is that you please listen first and most whose voices of the people whose best interest this bill intends to serve.”
Here is what others had to say in the comments section.
“Flo, the amount of work you and your colleagues put on this important issue only for our lawmakers to keep quiet is utterly heartbreaking. How is a state funeral or condolences going to help someone who couldn't fly home because their finances were tight? I'm angry,” wrote @Sikoletu.

JMR commented: “Perhaps, you should consider establishing a performers' political party. I think you have it in you Flo. You need a light kick in the... and you'll fly. You know like an eagle chick or a duckling from high above. Just do it. You are eloquent and unapologetic. You have an aura.”

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