Florence Masebe and Hulisani Ravele the proudest Venda women we know

Respect to these two ladies who constantly represent the culture in a positive light.

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Florence Masebe

Throughout the years, if there's one important thing we've come to learn about Florence Masebe and Hulisani Ravele is that they would never compromise nor shy away from their Venda culture.

Although we are not celebrating Heritage month as yet, it is always inspiring to notice and appreciate media personalities who pride themselves in belonging to a certain clan.

In a world where Western culture is constantly shoved down our throats,  we are sometimes easily persuaded to lean more towards a culture that is not of our own.

However, the likes of Florence Masebe and Hulisani Ravele have not let Western influence overshadow their culture.

Since we've known Hulisani she has always positioned herself as a proud Venda woman.

Her Instagram posts are a constant reminder for all of us to be proud of our roots regardless of whether we live in villages or urban areas.

Our Constitution strives to promote unity in our diversity. The Bill of Rights specifically states that: "Everyone has the right to use the language and to participate in the cultural life of their choice..." What a beautiful thing that is. I am often praised for being proud of who I am and where I come from, being proud of my language and my culture. Sometimes it feels weird because to me I don't know how to be anything else but proud of my heritage. Celebrating and showing off my culture is not something I take lightly. It's close to my heart because I know that my language and culture is often perceived as that of a minority group and my people are sometimes ridiculed for their complexion or how our language sounds. It's for reasons such as this that it is important for me to don my munwenda na musisi and to speak TshiVenḓa when I'm on TV because I've seen that by being free to express myself and to shine sa musidzana wa MuVenḓa, it gives permission to another young boy or girl o no bva Venḓa to be proud of who they are and to know that they too can shine. I have the right to do this, my Constitution says so. Young man, young lady, no matter what your language or culture, if you've ever felt too scared or embarrassed by who you are and where you come from, too embarrassed to speak your language, too shy to wear your munwenda or xibelani, please don't be. Celebrate it! It's a beautiful thing. #InspiredByMyConstitution #BrandSA 🇿🇦

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We cannot help but admire the way she prides herself in being of the VhaVenda culture especially considering how in the past, Venda's were always made to feel inferior in comparison to other South African cultures.

Then there's Florence Masebe who is hardly seen without her Venda attire which, might we add, looks amazing on her. Even when she's attending corporate events Florence always makes sure that the love for her culture shines through.

In a recent interview on 702 with Azania, Florence explained why she has constantly positioned herself as an ambassador and mouthpiece for VhaVhenda's for all these years, she said:

"My thing is, I grew up in a South Africa that was really terrible, one of the things that apartheid did to us is that it did a good job of separating us and segregating us and telling us that one is better than the other and that the other is inferior. 

Vha Venda are one of those nations that were looked down upon by fellow blacks and I feel duty bound to be proud of who I am so that other Venda people can realise that there is nothing to shy away from when it come to who you are.." 

Well said Florence.

We absolutely loved her corporate-like Venda outfit designed by Thula Sindi.

Shout out to these two women for proudly representing their cultural heritage.

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