Gail Mabalane on motherhood

The mother of two shares what her experience as a mother has been like

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Gail Mabalane

Gail Mabalane gave birth to her second child, a baby boy, a few months ago. The actress and mother of two has admitted that she hasn’t quite found her rhythm yet.

In a recent interview on Touch HD, the actress said: “So, I’m still in this sort of hazy phase where you don’t know what you’re doing. So, apparently, when they turn one that’s when you sort of start getting your groove. He’s so good, he sleeps…”

So, how is Zoe handling having a new sibling? Well, Gail revealed: “She, 90% of the time is doing very well, the other 10% she’s either crawling, or she wants me to put her on my back, or she wants me to pick her up or, you know, like fighting for attention or competing for it rather. But yeah, she’s doing well.”

Gail, who is married to musician Kabelo Mabalane, also mentioned that juggling her roles is very challenging. “Being a mom of two is hard work. I mean, not only do you have to commit time to them, but then there’s career, there’s husband, there’s family, there’s friends, there’s you know all of that.”

However, she has a very supportive group of people around her.  

“And I’m very grateful for an amazing support system. My husband is hands-on, which is great, so I can leave him with a five-month-old if I must and say I’ve got to be somewhere. My mom-in law is incredible, but then there’s also my helper who’s been with us for six years and she is just priceless.”   

If you’re wondering if motherhood has impacted Gail in any way, especially as a media personality, this is what she told Afternoon Express back in May: “I think I’m grateful that I’m having, you know, my kids in my thirties. I think if I was any younger it would have been much harder because the industry is brutal, you know.

“In your twenties, you are a bit more insecure, and as you get older you become more confident and secure in who you are as a woman, as a person, and you realise that the industry we’re in is just another job, and it’s really no pressure. It took me nine months to gain the weight, it’s gonna take me at least nine months to lose some of it.”

Gail added that she’s not putting any pressure on herself to snap back or have a six-pack. “I’ think I’m so much more secure in who I am, and I’m grateful that I had that as I’m a bit older.”  

She also said motherhood has changed her. “It added layers to me as an actress, which I’m grateful for and I think stuff that I can pull from now that I’ve had two kids and I’ve experienced two pregnancies…”

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